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Pepi Ginsberg ready to rock Congress patio Wednesday

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Pepi Ginsberg ready to rock Congress patio Wednesday

The singer finds a fuller sound on new LP

  • Songstress Pepi Ginsberg
    Courtesy artist websiteSongstress Pepi Ginsberg

Singer/songwriter Pepi Ginsberg has found her sound on her new full-length "East Is East," as the audience at Hotel Congress can discover Wednesday night, when she brings her quartet to the patio for an early show.

Released by Park the Van Records, home of local heroes Golden Boots and hipster favorites Dr. Dog, the album reaches for a harder, fuller sound than that on her 2008 debut, "Red." Though Ginsberg still employs her upper register falsetto and her strong sense of folk melody, she is more willing to dirty things up with a growl and a snarl.

According to Ginsberg, this revelation, like so many musicians' best thoughts, coalesced on the road, where she listened obsessively to Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" and imagined a record that both created a coherent vision and reflected her own times, and not that of her folk antecedents. "I wanted to know what the love child of Bob Dylan and Deerhoof would sound like." 

"I didn't want to just strum a song anymore," she says. "It's funny, but these days it grosses me out to accompany myself with traditional arrangements.  I've been corrupted."

Instrumental in this new sound was guitarist Amnon Freidlin (Normal Love, Zs), who will join Ginsberg Wednesday, along with bassist Jon Guez and drummer Pete Angevine (Satanized). The resulting sound was noisier and more complex rhythmically, and became "East Is East" through a Philadelphia recording session last summer.

This Wednesday, Ginsberg and band will be joined by Amy Rude and Heartbeast. Rude, a local songwriter on a parallel journey from strong folk and country roots to a more electrified and more powerful sound, will play her newer, more unconstrained material, including the raucous "Heartbeast."


If you go

Pepi Ginsberg with Amy Rude and Heartbeast, Wednesday 7 p.m. at Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St. Free.

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