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Powhaus collective celebrates birth of punk with 'Trash'

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Powhaus collective celebrates birth of punk with 'Trash'

Another themed bash at the Rialto from DJ Dan Shapiro & crew

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    Omer KresoHow karate is done: Dan Shapiro in action

On Friday, the Powhaus crew will host "Trash: 70s Punk Rock Show." DJ Dan Shapiro, with the help of DJ Schmeejay (Carl Hanni, of Scratchy Records fame), will spin punk, protopunk and post-punk from both sides of the pond.

This is a much more music-centered Powhaus event than last month's "Pop;" there are also five bands scheduled to play, and the collective seems to have placed much more importance on the music of the era than any other production element. While there will still be plenty of provocation from Kitty Katt, Desert Diamond Dallas and crew, the songs are king.

"Trash" will feature mini-sets from live bands Texas Trash and the Hangovers, Shark Pants, Lifers, Leila Lopez and Robin Graves. The evening's schedule also includes a performance by local burlesque-laced performance troupe Switchblade Parade.

DJ Dan Shapiro will spin the crucial punk records and set the mood, with the help of the formidable record collection and aid of Carl Hanni, whose knowledge of No Wave and early new wave will lend historicity to the night.

Shapiro was born in 1981, a year that arguably serves as a cutoff for the era. He seems older than 28, but he doesn't mind. "The gray in my beard is from all the DJing. It's nerve-wracking."

He may be young, but Shapiro is a serious scholar of music, and is doing some heavy research to prepare himself for the event. "I keep listening until I found those gems I really like, and then start to form sets."

Still, Shapiro likes to keep an element of the improvisatory in his spinning. When asked about his method, he replied that there was no set method. "You'd think there would be, but a lot of times, I try to go with the flow."

Being a DJ amid a sea of people can be a challenge, Shapiro said; unlike many DJs, Shapiro sets up on the dance floor, inches from the action. Like the eye of a storm, Shapiro's affect during Powhaus parties is remarkably flat and businesslike: "I am very focused on what I'm playing. I try to take time out [to watch and interact with partiers] but I 'm really focused."

Shapiro, who began his DJ career on Radio Limbo, where he and musician Gerard Schumacher (Lonely Trojans, Knockout Pills, Weird Lovemakers) were known as James Bonged, has been listening to a lot of New York Dolls, The Saints, The Damned and The Adverts to prepare himself for "Trash." He is also especially excited about Lifers' set, as he thinks they are "the best band in Tucson right now."

Plan for the outrageous at Powhaus, as always. The dancing will go late into the evening, and the collective has several surprises in store.


If you go

Powhaus Productions presents "Trash: 70s Punk Rock Show" at the Rialto Theatre, 316 E. Congress St. Doors 9 p.m. Show starts 11:30 p.m. Admission $3.

A sample set from Kitty Katt

Blondie: "X-offender"
The Damned: "Neat Neat Neat"
The Clash: "Clash City Rockers"
The Dickies: "Give It Back"
Richard Hell and the Voidoids: "Blank Generation"
Ramones: "Teenage Lobotomy"

Kitty on punk fashion

Don't put too much thought into it; wear whatever is around. Hopefully whatever you are wearing came to you for free.

— 30 —

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