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Video: ScarJo loves Downtown Tucson

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Video: ScarJo loves Downtown Tucson

Scarlett Johansson loves Downtown, and somebody in city government really wants you to know about it. A video clip of the star's Oscar-night remark about Tucson was posted by a "COTecondev" Youtube account Wednesday afternoon.

The video, lifted from a red carpet clip broadcast by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, has the actress remark the she "loves Downtown Tucson" when briefly questioned by "Ellen" writers.

"It is the best," she said.

One of those writers is Kevin Leman — the son of the Tucson doctor/author/prospective charter-school founder of the same name.

The Youtube account has only posted the one video, and sources couldn't say if it was something done out of City Hall. But the "COT" — for City of Tucson — designation makes that seem likely. 

Johansson has been spotted on occasion spending some time Downtown, including hoisting a beverage or two at the Tap Room.

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