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'Together We Thrive' book features Jan. 8 memorial photos

"Indeed all of our hearts were broken on Jan. 8," said Janet Marcotte, explaining the genesis of her book of photos of the informal memorials that sprang up after the shooting. "But our hearts were opened in ways we couldn't have imagined before." (with video)
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Dec 1, 2011, 12:09 pm
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The Tucson WYCA is a good cause. The other one…not so much.

When you add up all the pluses and all the minuses, I think this is a much worse community than it was a year ago. January 8 did not change things for the better around here. It led to a lot of people placing blame for a lot of things in the wrong places, which is ultimately smear and grows like a cancer.

I will say that I’m pleased to see that this book is not being done for individual profit. however.

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