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'Secret Garden' blossoms in UA production

An enjoyable, expansive show, with 21 cast members and 10-piece orchestra

Approaching the holiday season, we should be aware of the dangers of acute cuteness, when, like an overdose of treacle in an ill-equipped lifestyle, twee kiddie culture overwhelms our adult sensibilities. Fortunately, this presentation is more a showcase for the program’s up-and-coming talent with nary a hint of the upcoming Christmas onslaught.

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Nov 17, 2011, 9:29 am
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You should be commended for writing such an honest and thoughtful review.  Thank you.  I loved this production and am very disappointed at the other critics.  Is there a way to critique them?  Yes, letters to the editor, which I have been excited to read!

My husband and I will be reading your reviews in the future and NOT the ones in the Star, Tucson Wekkly, or the UA newspaper!  You obviously know theatre and don’t allow other people to influence you in your reviews.

A critic with ethics!  Good for you!


— 30 —


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