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Five easy ways to green up your kitchen

Simple tips for environmentally friendly food and drink

Buying foods locally—like what can be found at a farmers' market, buying in bulk, purifying your tap water, and reducing the waste of plastic storage containers and grocery bags are easy ways to live a greener lifestyle.
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May 20, 2011, 7:43 am
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I’d like to believe Chipotle is using local ingredients, but something tells me that can’t possibly be right.  (Here in Tucson, what ingredients would this be?)

Buying local food is tricky, especially here in Southern Arizona, where many things are simply impractical or impossible to grow.  Yes, we have “farmers’ markets, but caveat emptor: the last one I went to was selling Eurofresh┬« tomatoes (a company that grows them hydroponically near Wilcox) that appeared to have been purchased at a grocery store.

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