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Decade-long documentary project to tell 'miraculous' tales of Tucson's youth mariachis & folklorico dancers

Tucson's mariachi and folklorico communities shine in a new documentary titled "The Mariachi Miracle." While it isn't finished yet, there will be a screening of a rough cut of Daniel Buckey's labor of love on Sunday at the Fox Theatre.... Read more»

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Advocates look for new ways to fill city 'food deserts'

No American city has bested the problem of low grocery access, but as communities across the country re-evaluate strategies for addressing food-access gaps, a collaborative approach that favors a network of community-led projects could be the new model.... Read more»

Nuevo documental celebrará 'milagros' de mariachis y folklórico de Tucson

Las comunidades de mariachi y folclórico de Tucson brillarán en un nuevo documental titulado “The Mariachi Miracle.” Aunque aún no está listo, habrá una proyección del corte preliminar de la obra de amor de Daniel Buckley en el Fox Theatre el domingo. ... Read more»

'There's always hope': Tucson author's kid's book on devastating Mexico City earthquake

Frightening events can bring communities together. They can also inspire story ideas. For author and educational psychologist Cynthia Harmony, the earthquake that struck Mexico City on September 2017 moved her to write her first children's picture book, "Mi Ciudad Sings."... Read more»

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Benzene with your bisque? New studies highlight the dangers of 'cooking with gas'

New research suggests that natural gas is not the “clean” alternative the industry touts, and a gas stove is likely polluting your home and contributing to climate change. ... Read more»

Catfish from Patagonia Lake have elevated mercury levels, Az officials warn

Anglers should limit their consumption of catfish from Patagonia Lake because of elevated mercury levels. State officials said adults shouldn't eat more than 2.5 ounces per week of fish from the Southern Arizona lake, while children shouldn't eat more than 2 ounces per month ... Read more»

Tucson sounds: Little Cat the Lionhearted

Meet Little Cat, a local singer songwriter with a short tenure but big, big dreams. Plus, raising a glass to the late Van Christian, and local musicians showing love for one of their favorite "Bob" friends.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop to host rom-com 'Shooting Star'

College ex-sweethearts reunite unexpectedly when they get snowed in at an airport. Their story unfolds in Steven Dietz's romantic comedy "Shooting Star." ... Read more»

Sunnyside folklorico students get ready to dance in new studio

Folklorico students at Sunnyside High School will soon move into a new space dedicated to learning those traditional Mexican dances.... Read more»

Estudiantes de folclórico en Sunnyside se preparan para bailar en estudio nuevo

Estudiantes de folclórico en Sunnyside High School prontamente tomarán clase en un nuevo espacio dedicado a aprender bailes tradicionales de México.... Read more»

Republican attorneys general take aim at USDA’s gender discrimination guidance

Nearly two dozen GOP attorneys general - including Arizona AG Mark Brnovich - filed a complaint in federal court against the USDA and its interpretation of the executive order requiring federal agencies to review and revamp policies related to gender or sexual orientation.... Read more»

Image of Griner graces 'Bring Them Home' mural of hostages in Washington

A mural unveiled in the Georgetown section of Washington features 18 Americans who are being held hostage or have been wrongfully detained overseas - including Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner - in the hope of keeping a spotlight on their cases.... Read more»1

Teen cast & crew stoked for 'Heathers' musical at ATC

A cast and crew of local students is brewing up two evenings full of snarky dialogue and riveting plot lines set for Friday and Saturday, when "Heathers the Musical: Teen Edition" hits the ATC stage.... Read more»

More states forgoing extra federal food aid

More than 18 million Americans sometimes didn’t have enough to eat last month, but at least 16 states now have opted out of providing extra food aid through a pandemic-related expansion of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.... Read more»

Tombstone marshal sued in 1st Amendment duel

The Tombstone Historama Corporation is suing the city of Tombstone to restore “walkdowns” - Wild West-style dramatic performances - a practice put to an end in 2021 after the city and the marshal’s office declared the activity akin to solicitation.... Read more»

Giffords goes from advocate to White House honoree to documentary focus

A new documentary, “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down,” opens with the mass shooting at a Tucson grocery in 2011 that left Giffords near death and follows her painful recovery from the attack that has left her partially paralyzed and with aphasia.... Read more»

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