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Monsoon’s seeming intensity has more to do with location

This year’s monsoon season has made headlines for downpours, damage and even tragedy, with the deadly flash flooding around Colorado City. But is its intensity worse than other years?... Read more»

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Buckmaster: Monsoon 2013 — boon or bust?

UA climate scientist Zack Guido broke down Monsoon 2013. Next, financial planner Shelly Fishman on the markets, and Jack Parris of the Community Food Bank talked about "Hunger Action Month 2013." Plus, CredibleMeds founder Dr. Ray Woosley had our monthly segment focusing on your medication and how to take control of your healthcare.... Read more»

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Buckmaster: More Az kids raised by relatives

Today on Buckmaster — Former Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, Children's Action Alliance's Penelope Jacks, TREO's Laura Shaw, and University of Arizona climate researcher Zack Guido. ... Read more»

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Buckmaster: Mayor's 180-day plan on track

Today on Buckmaster - Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, certified financial planner Shelly Fishman, climatologist Zack Guido, and the arts round-up with Margaret Regan.... Read more»