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Arizona justices find cannabis extracts legal for medical pot patients

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that state law protects the manufacture and use of cannabis concentrates, not just the plant itself. ... Read more»

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Public health vs. parent choice: The vaccination debate in Arizona

Health officials warn that vaccination rates are deteriorating across Arizona, risking public health as parents continue to opt out of immunizations.... Read more»

Sinema wins U.S. Senate seat; McSally concedes, trailing by 38k votes

Arizona's next U.S. senator will be a Democratic woman: Kyrsten Sinema, who steadily built an 38k-vote insurmountable lead over Republican candidate Martha McSally, who had led in the earliest count of ballots.... Read more»

Sinema takes 20,000-vote lead over McSally; Az Senate count continues

The margin between Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema and GOP candidate Martha McSally now stands at just more than 20,000 votes, following another day of legal maneuvering and continuing ballot tallies in Arizona's Senate race.... Read more»

Sinema takes 9,600-vote lead over McSally; Senate count continues

The margin between Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema and GOP candidate Martha McSally now stands at just more than 9,600 votes, following a day of legal maneuvering and continuing ballot tallies in Arizona's Senate race.... Read more»

Long hours, low pay, but poll workers are still signing up – for now

Arizona election teams are working hard to find enough poll workers on Election Day, but it's a constant struggle.... Read more»

Firefighters add drone incursions to threats faced in a wildfire

Firefighters battling the Goodwin Fire in central Arizona had to suspend operations twice in one week after drones flew into airspace over the blaze.... Read more»

As Arizona wine industry matures, experts foresee potential gains

Arizona's wine industry has grown exponentially since 2001. More than 90 locations have farm winery licenses, most of them clustered in three areas in the state. But as wine industry growth slows across the nation, will Arizona's growth continue to mature? ... Read more»

Wealthy, charter-school parents opting kids out of vaccinations

The rising number of parents opting out of vaccinating their children is a concern around the state, but particularly in Yavapai County, which has Arizona's second-lowest rate of measles, mumps and rubella vaccination among kindergartners. ... Read more»1

Lawmaker: Require daily early ballot reports from rural counties

Pima and Maricopa counties must maintain daily updated lists of those who have turned in early ballots if requested by state or county party chairpersons.Rep. Brenda Barton, R-Payson, wants to expand that requirement to all counties, saying it can be difficult to obtain early ballot information in a timely manner from election officials in rural Arizona.... Read more»1


Trend of over-prescribing painkillers a path to heroin addiction

Doctors in the U.S. are prescribing painkillers far more frequently these days, and experts say addiction to opioid drugs can be a pathway to heroin use. In fact, most heroin addicts have graduated from abusing prescription drugs.... Read more»2

A year later, Yarnell continues putting community back together

Not all the houses have been rebuilt. Not all the people have moved back home and not all the damage has been repaired. But one year after the town of Yarnell was hit by what would become the deadliest wildfire in Arizona history, residents say the town is steadily pulling itself back together. ... Read more»

Bath salts, spice drugs targeted by lawmaker

It's become a pattern as state lawmakers try to address synthetic drugs: Almost as soon as one recipe is outlawed, manufacturers simply change to a mix that isn't banned. Now a lawmaker wants to outlaw the basic chemical formulas underlying the drugs.... Read more»

Report: Az prescription drug abuse rate high, but dropping

Arizona had the sixth-highest level of prescription pain-reliever abuse in the nation in 2010-2011, a new report says. But abuse rates had dropped from the previous year, which state officials say may show that efforts to curb abuse are working.... Read more»

Child immunization exemptions spike outbreak fears

While most states allow parents to opt out of vaccinations for medical or religious reasons, Arizona is among a minority allowing exemptions for philosophical or personal reasons. A Cronkite News Special Report looks at how exemptions are prompting fears of disease outbreaks. ... Read more»

Early flu season virulent elsewhere, too soon to tell in Az

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report this week declaring an unusually early and intense start to flu season. Health officials say Arizona is seeing a fairly normal start and while it’s difficult to predict how things will unfold, they are prepared for things to get worse. ... Read more»

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