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Can Britain put cork in binge-drinking crisis?

Britain has a blithely accepted culture of accelerated alcohol consumption, sometimes to the point of oblivion, that is unmatched by few other counties in Europe. As the country prepares for the obligatory drinking marathon that accompanies the World Cup, new measures are being urged amid warnings that alcohol consumption is reaching crisis levels.... Read more»

South African soccer comes a long way

When the World Cup kicks off on June 11, South African soccer will have completed an incredible journey: from international pariah to host of the world’s greatest football tournament.... Read more»

World Cup 2010

Wayne Rooney: The World Cup's most potent striker?

It always seems hyperbolic when writers insist that the World Cup hopes of a nation rest on any single player. But in the case of England – with its desperate desire, after 44 years, for another Cup championship – and its 24-year-old superstar, Rooney, it seems a bit understated.... Read more»

Mexico soccer fans bitter to be bested by U.S.

Mexico doesn't have much of a shot at going far in the Cup, but fans would like to see redemption against the U.S.... Read more»

American World Cup soccer fans drawn to South Africa

Americans are still uninterested compared to other soccer-crazed nations, but South Africa's World Cup has caught their attention.... Read more»

Czechs manhandle U.S. in World Cup tune-up match

The U.S. side was unlikely to find much, if any, encouragement in a 4-2 loss to a Czech team that failed to even qualify for South Africa.... Read more»

Rugby match in Soweto uplifts South Africa

Fifteen years after Nelson Mandela used rugby to convince South Africa's white minority to give a chance to the country's fledgling democracy, the sport has once again allowed the nation to reach another milestone in its quest for a nonracial society.... Read more»


Champions League final sets stage for World Cup

Every four years, we wax poetic in anticipation of the World Cup and every four years, at Cup's end, we despair about the tactical game plans, the fortress mentality of the coaches, the low-risk defensive style and thuggish tactics that make any reference to "the beautiful game" an exercise in irony.... Read more»

Opinion: Stop human trafficking before World Cup

Large events like the World Cup, which attract a considerable number of people to a limited area for a short time, often bring with them a short-term increase in the demand for prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation as well as forced labor.... Read more»

2010 World Cup

World Cup welcome: A billion condoms and 40,000 sex workers

Arguably, the soccer World Cup is to the sex industry what the holiday season is to candy shops. A temporary surge of excited people feeling collectively festive, willing to pay for a bit of extra indulgence.... Read more»

South Africa guards against terrorism at World Cup

When the issue of security during the upcoming World Cup is raised, it is usually in reference to South Africa's high crime rate. But there has been surprisingly little discussion about the threat of terrorist attacks.... Read more»

Tiger Woods: King of the recovery shot

Tiger Woods’ golf game has so many virtues that it is difficult to single one out. But if fans were forced to choose their favorite, I have no doubt it would be Tiger’s uncanny ability to hit recovery shots.... Read more»

The predicament of Italian soccer

A Champions League win against Chelsea and World Cup glory won't reverse Italian soccer's flagging fortunes.... Read more»

US soccer team races to get fit for World Cup

First match against England is 3 months away, but players must heal broken bones and tendons.... Read more»

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