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World Cup: Spain beats Netherlands 1-0 in extra time

Spain became the eighth nation to win the World Cup by scoring a goal against the Netherlands in extra time. In a fitting end to a low-scoring World Cup, the Spaniards had to wait until six minutes from the end of the 30-minute overtime to score the final's only goal.... Read more»

Spanish team shows unity at World Cup

Sergio Ramos, the rampaging defender who wanted to be a bullfighter but his mother wouldn't let him, might not appear at first glance to be the Spanish soccer team's most articulate spokesman.... Read more»1

Holland goes orange for World Cup final

Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Orange is the color of insanity." This week his compatriots are proving the painter right. The Netherlands is going orange mad and just about the whole country is draped in the color of the Dutch royal house ahead of Sunday's World Cup final.... Read more»

Comic: World Cup

Paul's prognostications prove perfect

Paul the Octopus had picked the winner of each of Germany's World Cup matches. But a German loss to Spain in the semifinals? Come on ...... Read more»

World Cup final to be thrilling contrast

The World Cup 2010 semifinals displayed contrasting styles of soccer and produced two worthy finalists in Spain and the Netherlands who appear poised to produce an exhilarating climax to the tournament on Sunday.... Read more»1

World Cup

Spain's win over Germany shows mastery of the beautiful game

And the underachievers did it. Spain, a country that has long regaled the world with beautiful football, has finally reached a World Cup final after defeating 1-0 a German scoring machine that ran out of ammunition.... Read more»

Brotherly love

Germany's World Cup team builds bridges

Brotherly love: Never before has there been a German national team as "multikulti" (multicultural) and reflective of Germany’s post-Wall demographics as this year’s World Cup squad.... Read more»1

World Cup: Are South Africa's stadiums white elephants?

South Africa dazzled the world with its new 2010 World Cup stadiums. But some are asking whether the $2 billion to build 10 stadiums was spent wisely in a country where so many live without flush toilets and trash removal.... Read more»

Final 4 prepare for World Cup matches

Drama promised in semifinals between Germany and Spain, Netherlands and Uruguay... Read more»

Comic: World Cup

Los pensamientos profundos de Luiz Suarez

With the clock running out in extra time against Ghana and the ball pinballing around the penalty area, Uruguayan striker Luiz Suarez found himself in a difficult position.... Read more»

Comic: World Cup

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Cristiano Ronaldo is without question a smooth soccer player and a well-loved global superstar. But does anyone love him as much as he loves himself?... Read more»

World Cup: Cheering for the ultimate underdog

North Korea's World Cup team, doomed from the start, attracted fans for all sorts of reasons. If the Cup is Christmas to soccer fans, then North Korea was the misshapen present, handed with a wink, that made no noise when shaken; sure to be interesting, no matter what it turned out to be.... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

Cops figure out solution to SB 1070 racial profiling problem

Concerns that Arizona police will rely on racial profiling to enforce SB 1070 have been laid to rest thanks to a new strategy developed by a group of Arizona police chiefs.... Read more»

World Cup: American epitaph

Recent converts to both the U.S. soccer team and the World Cup may not yet have fully grasped some of the implications of the American defeat. After all, we are a “wait till next year” nation. But what makes the World Cup so compelling is that it requires you to wait an eternity — four more years — for your next fix. ... Read more»

World Cup: U.S. loses tight match to Ghana 2-1

The U.S. was again part of a thriller match in its second-round clash with Ghana but this time Team U.S.A. failed to secure a happy ending. The Black Stars defeated the Americans 2-1 on an overtime goal and continue their unlikely run as last remaining hope for Africa in this first World Cup on African soil.... Read more»

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