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A Wisconsin Republican looks back with regret at voter ID and redistricting fights

Republican efforts to impose voter ID laws and redraw election districts both wound up in federal court. Dale Schultz ended 30 years in state politics lamenting the recent displays of partisanship. ... Read more»

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Could Scott Walker's legal victory expand PAC superpowers?

Proponents of tighter reins on political money worry that a Wisconsin ruling about the governor's recall campaign could carry seeds of another 'Citizens United.'... Read more»

Little Free Libraries putting books just down the street

Looking as much like birdhouses as book repositories, Little Free Libraries are popping up at dozens of front lawns, storefronts and parks in the Valley and around Arizona. ... Read more»

From the editor

Indie publishers: WI lawmakers should take clear-eyed look at journalism center

The Board of the Local Independent Online News Publishers group, chaired by Sentinel Editor Dylan Smith, called attention to a vote by Wisconsin legislators to to evict the nonprofit, nonpartisan Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from the UW-Madison campus.... Read more»

Voters feel intimidated by election observers

A Texas-based Tea Party initiative called True the Vote trains and dispatches observers to polling places, prompting concerns that minority voters are being intimidated.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Head-scratching the Paul Ryan pick

All of official Washington is scratching a collective head about why Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Why did he make such a bad pick for VP?... Read more»1

VP pick Ryan supported by insurers, Wall Street, health care

Rep. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s pick for vice president, may be the face of the Tea Party favorite caucus in Congress. But big business interests have also contributed mightily to the budget chairman’s campaign, according to analyses from the nonpartisan political money trackers at MapLight.... Read more»

Reading guide: The best reporting on Paul Ryan

A collection of the best stories out there on Paul Ryan's positions and background, as gathered by ProPublica.... Read more»

Sikh: Facts about the faith

Sikhs have been targeted as victims of hate crimes since September 11, 2001. Here are some facts about the religion. ... Read more»

Think again

When unions were at the center of politics

In the early post-WWII years, even the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce agreed that “collective bargaining is a part of the democratic process.” That statement would today be considered controversial not only on the far right but also by many in the mainstream media.... Read more»

Az killing among 5 ‘Stand Your Ground’ cases to know

A recent Tampa Bay Times investigation identified nearly 200 instances since 2005 where the state's Stand Your Ground law has played a factor in prosecutors' decisions, jury acquittals or a judge's call to throw out the charges. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The new American politics: Voting with dollars

The future of elections rest with how you spend your paycheck. This election season marks a tipping point for American politics. We are at the moment when money is poised to replace voting as the way that elections are decided. ... Read more»

Romney picks up endorsements ahead of Wis. primary

Mitt Romney picked up another key endorsement as the latest polls show him leading by up to 10 points in Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.... Read more»

U.S. jobless claims rise

New applications for weekly unemployment benefits jumped last week, the U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday, rising to a six-week high of 399,000 in the week ending Jan. 7, a 24,000 increase on the previous week’s total of 375,000.... Read more»2

Smart v. Stupid

The day the Tea Party died

The political news last week weaves a single narrative—the decline of the Tea Party. Whether in Tucson's elections or the GOP race to pick a presidential nominee, the right wing is on the ropes.... Read more»4

Smart v. Stupid

The Republican conspiracy to cut your wages

Smart v. Stupid: Republicans are aiming to end retirement so they can depress wages for everyone.... Read more»

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