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Tucson's a stage for historic First Folio of Shakespeare

His plots, characters and turns of phrase are familiar to everyone. But many of Shakespeare's plays were not published during his lifetime, and might have been lost forever if not for a rare edition published in the years after his death. One of those historic volumes, a 1623 First Folio, is on display in Tucson.... Read more»1

Auditions: Shakespeare's linguistic labor of love

Tucson actors could find themselves parked onstage, performing one of the Bard's most densely worded plays, "Love's Labour's Lost," in a Shakespeare in the Park production. Auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.... Read more»

Beowulf Alley Theatre

Beowulf boldly bends the Bard

Playing in repertory on alternating days, “Desdemona – A Play about a Handkerchief” and “MacBeth’s Knife” look at Shakespeare’s familiar characters and events from different and enlightening perspectives.... Read more»

To-do List

Weekend events bid goodbye to September

September appears to have gone by with the blink of an eye, but with one weekend left comes an array of fall festivities that usher in the new season. Here's this weekend's pick of the harvest-time crop.... Read more»1

The Rogue Theatre

Shakespeare’s shaky 'Winter’s Tale' gets some respect

The Rogue Theatre has mounted a quality budget production that Shakespeare himself might smile at for its achievements in entertainment value. "The Winter's Tale" is not great as far as Shakespeare goes, but it is Shakespeare nonetheless, still among our best literature in the last 500 years. ... Read more»

Arizona Repertory Theatre

'Julius Caesar': Toga party comes up a little short

ART’s production of “Julius Caesar” gets the job done well enough, telling Shakespeare’s version of the historical power struggle in ancient Rome, but it won’t blow your mind. ... Read more»1

Drug testing Shakespeare: Did he or didn't he?

A South African anthropologist asks for permission to open the literary legend's grave to perform analyses that could explain whether or not the bard got his inspiration from smoking pot, among other questions.... Read more»

Arizona Theatre Company

ATC unveils 2010-11 theatre schedule

Tickets are now on sale for the Arizona Theatre Company's 2010-11 fall season, featuring a world premiere, some big shows and some perennial favorites.... Read more»