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Teen vampire bites woman

A Texas teenager claiming to be a 500-year-old vampire with a "need to feed" has been charged after allegedly breaking into a woman's home before biting and hitting her.... Read more»1

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Hitler gave blow-up sex dolls to Nazi soldiers, author claims

Did Adolf Hitler supply Aryan blow-up sex dolls to discourage his troops from sleeping with disease-ridden French prostitutes?... Read more»1

Woman wakes up at own funeral, dies of shock

A Russian woman woke up to discover she had been declared dead and was being prepared for burial — and promptly died of a heart attack brought on by the shock.... Read more»

'Hello, Athens!' Amy Winehouse gives 'worst concert in history of Belgrade'

Amy Winehouse has canceled the next leg of her European tour, after an opening gig described as "the worst concert in the history of Belgrade." (with video)... Read more»1

Man blows up like balloon

A trucker from New Zealand, Steven McCormack, said he blew up "like a balloon" after an air hose pumped air into his body at 100 pounds a square inch.... Read more»

Viral virility

Shake Weight report is best local TV news bit ever

A series of three reports from KTLA is quite possibly the best bit of journalism committed by a local television news station, ever. It's just too bad that Pulitzer Prizes aren't awarded for broadcast reports.... Read more»

Japanese device provides virtual makeout session

Tokyo's Kajimoto Laboratory is working on a "kiss transmission device" that, when you hook it up to the Internet, facilitates a lip-locking experience with someone remotely. Computers would be able to read and store your 'kissing information,' then play it back on any given long and lonely night.... Read more»

Supposed Bin Laden compound getting bad reviews from 'guests'

The fortified compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was killed is getting poor reviews from 'vacationers.' Mocking comments, written in the voice of disappointed guests, are being left on a Google Maps page devoted to a large walled compound in that city.... Read more»

Divorce via text message becomes popular in Tajikistan

A growing number of Muslim men in Tajikistan are using a simple, three-worded text message to divorce their wives, the Associated Press reports. Decades of shared families, responsibilities and commitments can be ended with a message reciting the words, "Talaq talaq talaq."... Read more»

Inmate assaults officer because he doesn't want to be released

An inmate who wanted to remain in custody assaulted a Pinal County Detention Center officer last week, authorities said. Alexandro Guerrero, 26, attacked the officer "without provocation" while waiting in the booking area to be released on April 17.... Read more»

Mexicans revved up by racist remarks on BBC's Top Gear

Thanks to some racist anti-Mexican comments on the BBC car show “Top Gear,” Britain is suddenly being viewed as more xenophobic than Mexico's northern neighbor.... Read more»

Argentina: Woman falls 23 floors - and survives

A young woman fell from the 23rd floor of a hotel in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and survived.... Read more»

Motorcyclist crashes at 157 mph in Pinal County

A motorcyclist in the San Tan Valley crashed at 157 mph Sunday. After hitting a traffic signal, he flew 104 feet before striking the ground.... Read more»6

Election 2010

McCain mocks Hayworth with 'man-horse marriage' ad

Incumbent Sen. John McCain has released a contender for the oddest political ad award in his campaign against challenger, former congressman and radio host J.D. Hayworth.... Read more»2

Comic: Kimjongilia

Kim Jong-il is 'pissed off'

Do trade sanctions work against rogue regimes? Many experts say no, but new evidence out of North Korea appears to support their use.... Read more»


Victoria's big secret: Retailers caught with used panties down

Ratcheting up the 'ew' factor for today, NBC reports that several well-known national retailers return used undies to the sales floor.... Read more»2

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