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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Out of sight is out of mind: Small communities across U.S. struggle in shadow of larger disasters

Small towns struck by disasters often must rely on neighbors and non-profits more than federal assistance to rebuild in the aftermath.... Read more»

Monsoon madness: You say dust storm, I say haboob

Not all dust storms are haboobs, but all haboobs are dust storms. And the monsoon is a season — a storm is a chubasco.... Read more»

Happy when it rains... A monsoon tunes playlist

It's hot, it's humid, and it's (finally) raining buckets of cats and dogs across much of Tucson. Here are a few monsoon tunes to play as you celebrate.... Read more»1

ADOT has a simple dust storm safety tip: 'Pull aside, stay alive'

The Arizona Department of Transportation has a safety guideline for dealing with dust storms during the coming monsoon storms.... Read more»

Timely tips for staying safe during Arizona’s monsoon

A cooler Sea of Cortez means monsoon season should be slow in arriving this year, giving people time to prepare for power outages and other dangers associated with seasonal rainstorms.... Read more»

Could climate change and lower birth rates be linked? UCLA researcher says yes

New research suggests climate change could threaten the inception of future generations.... Read more»

Unusually wet winter and spring pushes Arizona out of short-term drought

The U.S. Drought Monitor recently reported that, for the first time in its nearly 20-year history, none of the contiguous states — including Arizona — was showing symptoms of severe or exceptional drought. ... Read more»

Freeze warning in Southern Arizona, snow on Mt. Lemmon

Most years, the end of May in Tucson means preparing for the heat. This week instead brings a freeze warning in the Willcox and Sulphur Springs Valley areas, and snow flurries atop the Santa Catalina Mountains.... Read more»1

Coming heat puts pets at risk outside, in cars

Tucson temperatures are rising, so pet owners need to be aware of the dangers of leaving their animals exposed to the heat. The Pima Animal Care Center has advice on how to keep pets cool, and where to report animal abuse or neglect.... Read more»

El Niño predicted to linger through summer, but what does that mean for Arizona?

Last fall and winter in Arizona were record-breakers. Since Oct. 1, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has received nearly double the amount of rainfall than normal. In February, Flagstaff had its snowiest day on record, with nearly 40 inches.... Read more»

Photos: Winter storm dumps snow in Tucson, hard freeze coming

A winter storm brought slushy snow and freezing rain to most of Tucson on Friday morning. Overnight, a hard freeze warning will be in effect.... Read more»

Clear, cold night: Hard freeze warning for Tucson

The National Weather Service is warning of widespread freezing weather in the Tucson area Wednesday night, with temperatures dropping into the 20s before dawn Thursday. Wrap your pipes, cover your plants, bring your pets inside and be kind to people who are outdoors at night.... Read more»

Shivers! Freezing temps for Tucson, Southern Arizona

The National Weather Service is cautioning of widespread freezing weather in the Tucson area Tuesday night, with temperatures dropping into the teens and 20s before dawn Wednesday. Wrap your pipes, cover your plants, bring your pets inside and be kind to people who are outdoors at night.... Read more»

Snow to hit highways in Arizona's high country

With winter weather in the forecast starting Thursday, motorists should be ready to make smart decisions when it comes to high-country roads that can become slick with snow and ice. That includes being ready to put off travel while snow is falling so plows can clear highways. ... Read more»


Trump repeatedly errs on California wildfires

Over the past two weekends, as two major wildfires devastated communities in Northern and Southern California, President Donald Trump has inaccurately blamed the state’s forest management practices for the blazes. ... Read more»

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