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Church sex abuse survivors seek more than apology from pope

Pope Francis met with a small group of abuse survivors Monday, which was appreciated but no substitute for a true process of justice, advocates say.... Read more»


Vatican at war with nuns over evolutionary thinking

Part Two: Pope Francis's remarks have often sounded compatible with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's concept of 'conscious evolution.' So why are American nuns in trouble for supporting it? ... Read more»


Vatican continues attack on American nuns as Pope Francis stands by

Part One: Religious sisters still under pressure despite soothing language from the pope.... Read more»


'What is religion for, anyway?'

Best-selling author Thomas Cahill reflects on Pope Francis and the astonishing change he brings to the Vatican.... Read more»


How Pope Francis took 2013 by storm

Pope Francis has taken a Catholic Church in crisis and begun to remake it with his powerful brand of moral authority.... Read more»

Gohmert piles distortion upon distortion

Rep. Louie Gohmert went on Fox News and accused President Obama of a pattern of discrimination against Christians, particularly in the military, but many of his examples were false, distorted or incomplete.... Read more»


Pope Francis urges profound global economic change

In his candid speeches and sermons, the new pope "forges a moral vocabulary on economics" to remind church leaders — and followers — of their responsibility to the poor.... Read more»


Why Catholic saints are marching into Latin America

Latin America's Catholics multiplied in past centuries. Now their numbers are shrinking. The new Argentine pope canonizing two Latina nuns sends a calling to the region. ... Read more»


Two discordant 'dirty war' narratives on Pope Francis

The news from Argentina on what Pope Francis did, or didn't do during the years of the dirty war has shadowed the early days of his papacy, prompting the Vatican to denounce reporting to that effect. Could it be, on this one, that the Vatican may be right?... Read more»

Evangelicals challenge Catholic Church's dominance in Brazil

If Pope Francis wants to see firsthand the challenges the Vatican faces in Latin America, he should visit Rio’s notoriously violent slums. Here the youth are restless and evangelical church halls run by homegrown Protestant pastors appear on every second block, a pattern repeated on the poor periphery of most Brazilian cities. ... Read more»

Vatican denies Pope Francis stayed silent in Dirty War

The Vatican is hitting back at critics who have charged that Pope Francis didn't do enough during Argentina's Dirty War. A spokesman called the accusations "defamatory" and told reporters today that they "must be clearly and firmly denied."... Read more»

Habemas papam Franciscum

First non-European pope in 1,200 years named after St. Francis

For only the second time in history, the Roman Catholic Church is headed by a man not from Europe. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope on Wednesday, the second day of a papal conclave. Naming himself after Francis of Assisi, the new pope is also the first Jesuit to be elected to the Throne of St. Peter.... Read more»7

Cardinals begin talks to decide next pope

Cardinals have begun meeting to decide who should be the next pope. Preliminary talks began in Vatican City today, ahead of the conclave at which the world's top Roman Catholic officials will elect Pope Benedict XVI's successor. ... Read more»

Benedict XVI: Text of farewell address

The full text of Benedict XVI's final address before he steps down from the Holy See: "'Always' is also 'forever'--there is no return to private life. My decision to renounce the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this. I am not returning to private life .... I no longer bear the power of the office for the governance of the Church, but I remain in the service of prayer, within St. Peter's paddock."... Read more»

Pope says he resigned for 'good of the church' in farewell address

Outgoing Pope Benedict XVI addressed a crowd of tens of thousands at St. Peters Square in Rome on Wednesday, in an emotional farewell in which the pontiff claimed that he had resigned while "keeping the good of the church in mind."... Read more»

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