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Public health vs. parent choice: The vaccination debate in Arizona

Health officials warn that vaccination rates are deteriorating across Arizona, risking public health as parents continue to opt out of immunizations.... Read more»

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Traveler with contagious measles case may have exposed public at Tucson airport

A visitor to Tucson may have exposed the public to an active case of measles at Tucson International Airport on Monday, officials warned.... Read more»

Arizona flu season off to a fast start; health officials push shots

Three weeks into this flu season, Arizona has already had 96 confirmed cases of flu, slightly above last year’s numbers but close to three times the number of confirmed cases at this point in a typical year.... Read more»

Humane Society responds to distemper increase with free shots for puppies

The Humane Society is warning dog owners about a recent rise in the number of distemper cases and urges the public to makes sure their pet's vaccinations are up to date. The group is offering free vaccinations on Saturday for dogs six months and younger.... Read more»

Health expert: Innovations mean no excuses for not getting flu shot

With the new flu season beginning Oct. 3, health experts are urging people to overcome whatever concerns they may have and get vaccinated. The benefits, they say, include greater overall immunity to curtail the flu’s spread and protecting those most vulnerable to the disease’s potentially fatal effects.... Read more»

Has the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement made it impossible to talk about vaccines?

Renee Gentry is president of the Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association, but she doesn’t tell people what she does for a living if she can avoid it. “It takes about six questions to get me to say vaccine, because immediately it’s, ‘Oh, you’re not one of those crazy people are you?’” ... Read more»

Critics say vaccine injury fund has strayed from original purpose

Barbara Loe Fisher was at the table 29 years ago when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was crafted – and she says it's no longer living up to the "spirit and intent of Congress." The act was a response to vaccine manufacturers' threats in the 1980s to pull out of the United States, after a number of lawsuits by parents who believed their children were injured by vaccines. Congress, wanting to protect the U.S. vaccine supply, created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.... Read more»

Vaccine injury fund tops $3.5 billion, as patients fight for payment

When Phoenix nurse Tarah Gramza realized that her daughter’s autoimmune disorder may have been caused by a vaccine, she looked into suing the vaccine manufacturer. Then she learned that the government won’t let her. Instead, Gramza is beginning what could be a years-long legal battle, trying to get an infinitesimal slice of the $3.5 billion fund set aside to compensate people who have adverse reactions to vaccines.... Read more»1

Wealthy, charter-school parents opting kids out of vaccinations

The rising number of parents opting out of vaccinating their children is a concern around the state, but particularly in Yavapai County, which has Arizona's second-lowest rate of measles, mumps and rubella vaccination among kindergartners. ... Read more»1

States with looser laws have lower immunization rates

The current measles outbreak has some states questioning laws that make it too easy for parents to get exemptions from immunization requirements. ... Read more»


Rand Paul repeats baseless vaccine claims, back-peddles

SciCheck: Sen. Rand Paul gave false and misleading statements about vaccine safety in two separate interviews, including a claim that “many” children have developed “profound mental disorders” after vaccinations.... Read more»

Advocate: Arizona measles outbreak a wake-up call on vaccinations

An immunization advocate says the current measles outbreak should be a wake-up call for Arizonans to get vaccinated. And for many it is. ... Read more»

Take precautions against measles, Az officials say

With seven confirmed cases of measles and an estimated 1,000 people believed to have been exposed as of Friday, health officials and advocates were urging Arizonans to take precautions.... Read more»

Bill would make Az schools post vaccination rates to websites

A state lawmaker wants to require Arizona schools to post health-related information on their websites including immunization rates among students – information he says is especially important given the measles outbreak originating at Disneyland.... Read more»

Officials: Fans from flu-heavy states bringing more than Super Bowl fever

Throngs of sports fans headed to Arizona for a string of high-profile sporting events may spread more than Super Bowl fever. Health officials warn they might also bring the flu, worsening what’s already shaping up to be a tough season. ... Read more»1

Scientists aim to build communication with parents about vaccines

A group of scientists at ASU are working to improve their communication skills to find common ground among parents who feel their concerns about vaccinating their children aren't being heard by the health care providers.... Read more»

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