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Poll: 80% of Arizonans support 1.7M-acre nat'l momument near Grand Canyon

Backers of a bill that would create a new national monument on 1.7 million acres of federal land around the Grand Canyon touted a new survey Thursday that they said shows broad support for the plan.... Read more»

Judge denies motion to overturn uranium-mining ban near Grand Canyon

Conservation groups celebrated a federal judge’s ruling that denied a motion to overturn the Obama administration’s ban on uranium mining on 1 million acres of public land near the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Appeals court upholds reopening of uranium mine near Grand Canyon

A federal appeals court Monday upheld the government’s decision to let a uranium mine near Grand Canyon National Park continue to operate under environmental standards now decades old.... Read more»

On a Wyoming ranch, feds sacrifice tomorrow’s water to mine uranium today

Underground vast reservoirs hold billions of gallons of water suitable for drinking, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Yet every day injection wells pump more than 200,000 gallons of toxic and radioactive waste from uranium mining into local aquifers.... Read more»

Texas sees renewed push for uranium mining

Uranium has been mined in Texas for decades, but companies see a potential hike in demand for their product.... Read more»

Salazar confident uranium-mining ban will hold up to lawuit

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday he is confident a 20-year ban on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon will hold up to an industry lawsuit challenging the January withdrawal of the land by federal officials.... Read more»

Obama bans uranium mining near Grand Canyon

The Obama administration announced there would be no uranium mining near the Grand Canyon over fears the mining could affect tourism and contaminate water. ... Read more»1

Grand Canyon uranium fight heats up in D.C.

A bill that would open 1 million acres near Grand Canyon National Park to new uranium mining was hailed Thursday as an economic boon and derided as a threat to the park’s wilderness and tourism value.... Read more»

BLM wants 20-year ban on uranium mining in N. Az

The Bureau of Land Management is recommending a 20-year ban on new uranium mining claims for more than 1 million acres of federal land near the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Lawmakers push to lift ban on uranium mining

Arizona and Utah lawmakers touted a Senate bill Wednesday that would open more than 1 million acres in the northern part of Arizona to new uranium mining.... Read more»

Reversal of Grand Canyon mining ban moving through Congress

A proposal to reverse a federal ban on new mining claims near the Grand Canyon survived a committee vote Tuesday and could go to the full House as early as next week.... Read more»1

Federal plan won’t end uranium mining near Grand Canyon

Historically high uranium prices and the promise of nuclear power to curb America’s reliance on fossil fuels have sparked new interest in mining near the Grand Canyon.... Read more»