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Feds announce new rules to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure

The federal government outlined new safety measures Monday that will protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure by banning pesticide use by minors and sharply increasing training requirements, among other changes.... Read more»

Farmers, fieldhands look to fix ‘flawed’ visas

Francisco Duarte stood in the sun with little shade or water for hours, waiting to pick lemons. But he never complained, because he was afraid he would be replaced by an undocumented worker willing to work longer hours for lower pay. He is among the hundreds of thousands silenced by a visa program that pits citizens, guest workers and the undocumented against one another.... Read more»

Immigration bill criticized for going too far – or not far enough

Sponsors of a comprehensive immigration reform bill said no one would be happy with all parts of the bill and a hearing Monday seemed to bear that out, with some in the day-long session saying the bill goes to far and other saying it does not go far enough. ... Read more»

Cesar Chavez to be honored with national monument

César Chávez, the late United Farm Workers founder, will be honored next week with a national monument named for him, the White House announced Monday. The César E. Chávez National Monument will be established at the UFW's historic headquarters in California.... Read more»

Tucsonans celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

Saturday is César Chávez Day and Tucson will honor the late labor leader and activist with a march and celebration on the city's South Side.... Read more»

Labor Dep't honors Cesar Chavez with building

The U.S. Labor Department named an auditorium in honor of Cesar Chavez while Los Angeles closed offices in honor of the late labor leader.... Read more»

Chavez building closer to federal recognition

The building where Cesar Chavez fasted to protest an Arizona law limiting the rights of farm workers has cleared another hurdle toward gaining federal recognition.... Read more»

8 Az locations among potential sites to honor Cesar Chavez

Nearly 40 years after the César Chavéz went on a hunger protest at the Santa Rita Center in Phoenix, it is among eight sites that could receive national historic recognition based on their connection to Chávez and the United Farm Workers movement he helped found. ... Read more»

United Farm Workers co-founder Richard Chavez dies

Richard Chávez, who joined his brother César Chávez to help form the United Farm Workers and fought for the rights of migrants, died Wednesday afternoon from complications following a surgery in a Bakersfield, Calif., hospital. He was 81. (with videos)... Read more»

Navy names ship for Cesar Chavez

One of the newest ships in the U.S. Navy’s fleet has been named after Mexican-American civil rights activist and Navy veteran Cesar Chavez.... Read more»

President declares March 31 Cesar Chavez Day

President Barack Obama declared March 31 to be Cesar Chavez Day, in honor of the crusading founder of the United Farm Workers.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Immigration the 'story behind the story'

Immigration is often the story behind the story of international events. • The federal government and the state of Arizona seem headed for a showdown over border security and immigration reform. • Tension continues to rise over the shooting of a Mexican boy at the border in El Paso. ... Read more»

Farmworkers to those worried about illegal workers: 'Take Our Jobs'

For those who grouse that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs from U.S. citizens and legal residents, the United Farm Workers of America has a challenge: Apply to be a farm worker.... Read more»