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Border chronicler Charles Bowden dead at 69

Updated: Reporter and author Charles Bowden — he eschewed the term "journalist" — is dead at 69. The longtime Southern Arizonan recently moved to New Mexico and focused his work on the dangerous turmoil of Ciudad Juarez. Bowden was a dogged reporter and brilliant storyteller with a passion for the truth.... Read more»5

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Evans leaving as new owner takes over ITB, Weekly

Mark B. Evans, one of the city's most respected journalists, said Friday that he's leaving his post as editor of Inside Tucson Business, which is being sold to 10/13 Communications, a chain with a history of cutting newsroom staff. Evans said that he refused to apply for a post with the new owner, but won't comment on why until after his term of employment ends April 30.... Read more»2

Tucson Citizen archive available - not quite public yet

A visit to the home page of the Tucson Citizen still displays a notice that parent company Gannett Inc. pulled the plug on the website of the shuttered newspaper, but a skeleton of the text archives is available for those who can find it.... Read more»5

Gannett pulls plug on Tucson Citizen, again

Four and a half years after the press of the Tucson Citizen rolled for the final time, the final employee of what became a blogging site was laid off Friday. Newspaper chain Gannett announced that the website would become an archive, letting go sportswriter Anthony Gimino (for the second time) and shutting down the site.... Read more»7

Evans leaving Citizen for Inside Tucson Business

Mark B. Evans, administrator of TucsonCitizen.com's collection of community blogs, is moving over to become the editor of Inside Tucson Business. He will replace Dave Hatfield, ITB editor since 2004, who will take a government communications position with Pima County.... Read more»3

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Remembering newsman Jeff Smith

Remembering oft-fired and always admired reporter and columnist Jeff Smith, who wrote at various times for the Tucson Citizen (twice), Tucson Weekly, Daily Star and New Times. The legendary newsman died this week at 67.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Rest in print, Tucson Citizen: Journalism past & future

Interviews with the Tucson Weekly's Dan Gibson, AEA President Andrew Morrill, Councilman Steve Kozachik, Mark B. Evans of Tucsoncitizen.com, Sentinel Editor Dylan Smith, veteran reporter Daniel Buckley, Rep. Ethan Orr, and Jim DeGrood of the RTA.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Buckley: My first and last days at the Tucson Citizen

For 22 years I worked for the Tucson Citizen newspaper, and for that experience I am eternally grateful. But today I'll write about my first and last days at the Citizen, which ended when the press ground to a halt four years ago, May 15, 2009.... Read more»4

From the editor

Three years gone: RIP Tucson Citizen

I've got one of those calendars atop my monitor, the type you find in banks, with metal tiles for the days of the week, dates and month. One side I keep up to date. The other, no matter the date, says "Fri May 15." That's the last day the newsroom of the Tucson Citizen was filled with hustle and bustle.... Read more»1

Three Sonorans blog reborn after Citizen pulls plug

Just days after it was pulled by the Tucson Citizen, the left-wing Latino blog Three Sonorans is back in business as an independent website.... Read more»3

Citizen pulls plug on Three Sonorans blog

The progressive blog Three Sonorans is no longer to be found at the Tucson Citizen website. David Morales' blog, which focused on left-wing politics and TUSD's ethnic studies, was pulled because of a "reckless disregard for the truth," the Citizen's administrator said.... Read more»5

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson business climate looks brighter

Today on Buckmaster - It's the Friday Focus with a conversation with Mike Varney, of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce. Then, it's the Reporter's Roundtable with Sarah Garrecht Gassen and Mark B. Evans, and Weekend Watch with Matt Russell.... Read more»

Daily Star parent's bankruptcy plan gets court OK

A federal judge gave the nod Monday to a plan that puts off the day of reckoning for newspaper chain Lee Enterprises, the publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and some 50 other newspapers. Lee now has more time to pay off its $1 billion debt.... Read more»1

Daily Star parent files bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, filed a "prepackaged" Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday, asking a court to delay the due date on its $1 billion debt.... Read more»1

Lee Enterprises

Daily Star's corporate parent filing bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, announced Friday that it will file a "prepackaged" bankruptcy as it struggles to push back paying off its $1 billion debt. The company is declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a minority of lenders refused to extend their loan terms.... Read more»1

Craig Dubow

Newspaper CEO resigns with $37 million payout

The head of the parent company of the Arizona Republic, the shuttered Tucson Citizen - and part owner of the Arizona Daily Star operation - resigned Thursday. Gannett CEO Craig Dubow may be paid out as much as $37 million, after five years in which the company's stock dropped from $72 to $10. ... Read more»2

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