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TPD arrest suspect in Midtown sexual assaults

Tucson police have arrested a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults that took place from January through April in the area of 22nd Street and Craycroft Road.... Read more»

Police seek help IDing suspect in five sexual assualts

The Tucson Police Department is asking for help identifying a suspect in a series of sexual assaults that happened in the area of 22nd Street and Craycroft Road.... Read more»

What’s a ‘riot’ at UA is just a boisterous gathering at other campuses

How did things get out of control on University Boulevard in Tucson after the Wildcats’ NCAA basketball loss, when several videos showing what appeared to be police overreaction to a boisterous gathering of University of Arizona students went viral nationally?... Read more»

Guest opinion

TPD chief: Allow time for investigation of police conduct

Tucson’s police chief is asking for patience while his department investigates in the wake of the public outcry over police actions following the University of Arizona basketball loss on Saturday night: “While I understand the level of emotion concerning videos that have been circulating from March 29, I would like to implore members of the community to allow us the time to thoroughly investigate the incident.”... Read more»1

UA fans clash with Tucson police after Wildcat loss

Update: 15 were arrested Saturday night as Tucson police used pepper-ball rounds to clear hundreds from University Boulevard in the wake of the Wildcats’ loss. When the crowd threw bottles instead of dispersing, officers responded with pepper balls and OC canisters, as well as plastic bullets and foam baton rounds. Sunday, TPD identified those arrested.... Read more»2

TPD sued over secret cell-phone surveillance documents

Citing an agreement it signed with a technology company, the Tucson Police Department is refusing to release documents concerning the use of surveillance equipment used to track and collect data from cellphones. The ACLU and an Arizona reporter have filed suit to force disclosure by TPD, citing state laws on public records.... Read more»1

Just one day left to apply at TPD

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Tucson police officer, you’ve got through Sunday to submit an application to become a recruit. “This has been one of our most successful and most diverse recruiting campaigns ever,” Assistant Chief John Leavitt said.... Read more»

TPD: Scammers targeting Windows users

Tucson police are warning of a phone scam that targets users of the Microsoft Windows operating system, leaving victims out money and with potential security holes in their computers.... Read more»1

Missing man found dead on Mt. Lemmon

A 43-year-old man missing since early Monday was found dead Wednesday morning on Mt. Lemmon, authorities said. Charles Engelbracht left his Foothills home at 6 a.m. Monday, and did not arrive at work. Wednesday, deputies found his body about 200 yards away from his car on Mt. Lemmon... Read more»1

Update: 9-year-old runaway located after missing overnight

A 9-year-old boy who ran away from his Midtown home after a fight with his father Sunday afternoon has been located. Police said he “spent the night at the home of a close family friend, who was unaware that police were called and looking for him.”... Read more»

Cop booted for sexual assault allegations charged with fraud

A former Tucson Police Department officer, booted from the force and facing sexual assault charges, was arrested Tuesday night on fraud charges while detectives investigated him for suspected weapons violations. Benjamin Gaballa, 24, was kicked out of the department in late August, and arrested a month later following an investigation into allegations that he sexually assaulted a 28-year-old woman as he took her to the Pima County Jail.... Read more»

Avoiding immigration confrontations, TPD changing turn-over tactics

Last month’s immigration protest may have pushed Tucson police to use courts as hand-off points when turning arrestees over to immigration officials. A man arrested Friday after being pulled over for expired tags was released after a hearing Saturday, but immediately taken into federal custody and may face deportation.... Read more»

14-yr-old arrested after another gun report at Santa Rita

A 14-year-old student at Santa Rita High School was arrested Thursday, charged with false reporting after the school was the site of a police investigation of a report of an armed man for the second time in two days. Thursday’s incident was not related to Wednesday’s lockdown, police said.... Read more»

Cops want help foiling clean getaway in laundromat holdup

Tucson police are asking for the public’s help identifying a suspect in an alleged armed robbery at a Midtown Tucson laundromat last week.... Read more»2

Operation Streamline

Protestors blockade courthouse, force immigration hearing halt

A four-hour protest Friday led authorities to halt Operation Streamline deportation hearings as activists stopped two buses carrying people to immigration hearings in Tucson. Protestors chained themselves to the buses, with more blocking the gate of Tucson’s federal courthouse. 18 were arrested by Tucson police.... Read more»3

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