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John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Sheriff Estrada: Drug war can't be won without strategy change

Interviews with Patrick McNamara of Inside Tucson Business, Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill, former Arizona Clean Election Commission Director Todd Lang, GOP state Rep. Paul Boyer, Santa Cruz Sheriff Tony Estrada, and TucsonSentinel.com's Dylan Smith broke news about a PCC chancellor candidate.... Read more»

Lawmaker drops plan to ask voters to end Clean Elections

A legislator opposed to Clean Elections said he will push a law removing the option of contributing $5 via tax returns to the public campaign finance program.... Read more»

Tucson independent appointed to Clean Elections Commission

A Tucson independent has been appointed to the commission that oversees Arizona's public campaign financing. Thomas Koester, a former Morgan Stanley vice president, will sit on the Citizen's Clean Elections Commission through 2016.... Read more»

Supreme Court rules part of Az’s Clean Elections unconstitutional

A divided U.S. Supreme Court Monday invalidated the matching-funds provision of Arizona's Clean Elections Act, saying it violates the free-speech rights of those not participating in the fund.... Read more»

Bill would end Clean Elections campaign financing

A state lawmaker wants Arizona voters to decide whether to eliminate public funding for political campaigns, a change that would do away with the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission.... Read more»1

Clean Elections Commission puts off fixed-assets rule change

The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission on Thursday put off voting on a proposed rule change that would require publicly financed candidates to return or purchase fixed assets such as laptops, printers and cameras.... Read more»

Special report

Some Clean Elections money went toward laptops, hiring relatives

Some of the 107 candidates who received public money to run for the state Legislature this year bought computers, cameras and printers that are theirs to keep and paid relatives as campaign workers and consultants. Expenses included $60 for NRA dues, $650 for mariachis and $229.87 for a “post-debate discussion” with campaign staffers at T.G.I. Friday’s.... Read more»

Clean Elections gives $20 million to state general fund

Arizona's Clean Elections program will give the state $20 million to help reduce the budget deficit.... Read more»

Supreme Court blocks Clean Elections matching funds

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered an emergency halt to matching-funds payouts from Arizona's publicly funded Clean Elections program on Tuesday.... Read more»

Supreme Court upholds Clean Elections, Munger withdraws

John Munger has quit the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The Supreme Court's decision Tuesday upholding Arizona's Clean Elections law forced him from the race, the Tucson attorney said.... Read more»1