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How German coaches are crushing it at the World Cup

If any of these 6 teams wins in Brazil, Germany could claim a share of the credit.... Read more»

Caribbean go-between provided shelter for far-away frauds

The tangled trail of the Magnitsky Affair, a case that’s strained U.S.-Russian relations and blocked American adoptions of Russian orphans, snakes through an offshore haven in the Caribbean.... Read more»

Romney's tax returns reveal he pays 15%, less than average American

Mitt Romney has bowed to pressure and released his tax returns for the past two years. They reveal he paid about 15 percent of his multimillion-dollar fortune in federal income tax, well below the national average.... Read more»1

Comic: North Korea

New World Order

Following the death of North Korea strongman Kim Jong Il, all eyes are on his successor, son Kim Jong Un. What changes will he implement?... Read more»

Swiss freeze Mubarak's assets

Switzerland's government moved to freeze any assets of Hosni Mubarak, Swiss officials said Friday.... Read more»

Bombs wound 2 at embassies in Italy

Parcel bombs exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome on Thursday, wounding two people.... Read more»

Telling Swiss secrets: A banker's betrayal

It's the inner sanctum of Swiss banking — the heavily-guarded nexus between numbered Swiss bank accounts and their owner's good names — and it's the rare American that is allowed entry. A UBS insider blows the whistle on Swiss banking - First of 5 parts.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: UBS obsession with American wealth

Bradley Birkenfeld exuded the confidence that comes with privilege. In his role as a high-flying, cross-border banker with UBS, he moved easily among the world’s wealthiest men and women. And they were precisely who he was targeting as potential clients for UBS. Part 2 of 5.... Read more»

Telling Swiss secrets: The golden goose

"Life from an economic standpoint has been a fairy tale" for Russian immigrant Igor Olenicoff, he is a fixture on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans. He settled an IRS case for $52 million in back taxes related to Swiss bank accounts. Part 3 of 5.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: A reversal of fortune

Bradley Birkenfeld, who went from managing hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, now mops floors in prison. Part 5 of 5.... Read more»

Swiss secrets: A triple-double crossTell

In 2005, high-flying American banker Bradley Birkenfeld abruptly resigned his plum position at a Swiss bank. While it could hardly have come as a surprise to a sophisticated banker that aiding wealthy U.S. residents in shielding billions in offshore accounts skirted the law, to see the bank essentially disown that business in a formal document raised burning concerns. Part 4 of 5.... Read more»

World Cup first round ends with bang: Swiss stun Spain

The first 16 games in South Africa show few goals scored and a quirky new ball that may be making them harder to come by.... Read more»

World Cup 2010

Wayne Rooney: The World Cup's most potent striker?

It always seems hyperbolic when writers insist that the World Cup hopes of a nation rest on any single player. But in the case of England – with its desperate desire, after 44 years, for another Cup championship – and its 24-year-old superstar, Rooney, it seems a bit understated.... Read more»

Opinion: Gloom and doom in U.S. news

Gloom and doom sell books. Bad news sells newspapers and grabs television viewers. Especially bad news about America and dire predictions about where the country is heading.... Read more»1