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Stocks rally to best quarter since 1998

U.S. stocks recorded their biggest first-quarter point gain in 14 years Friday.... Read more»

Daily Star parent files bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, filed a "prepackaged" Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday, asking a court to delay the due date on its $1 billion debt.... Read more»1

Lee Enterprises

Daily Star's corporate parent filing bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, announced Friday that it will file a "prepackaged" bankruptcy as it struggles to push back paying off its $1 billion debt. The company is declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a minority of lenders refused to extend their loan terms.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Stocks point to a dying middle class

The stock market tells us the middle class is dying. But we can still save it. Nick Hanauer knows how.... Read more»2

Stocks plummet as debt talks fall apart

Stocks dropped Monday, with the Dow Jones industrial average down over 300 points, as Congress’ debt talks are falling apart. A 12-member bipartisan panel was assigned to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit by Wednesday but it seems the panel is ready to admit it has failed much sooner. ... Read more»

Daily Star parent declares loss, still hasn't headed off bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled publisher of the Arizona Daily Star and more than 40 other newspapers around the country, declared a 4th-quarter loss, even as the company struggles to refinance its crushing debt. Is a bankruptcy in the cards?... Read more»1

Lee Enterprises

Daily Star parent may have headed off bankruptcy

Lee Enterprises, the troubled parent company of the Arizona Daily Star, refinanced a significant proportion of its crushing debt Thursday. The move, which came after Lee stock hit a 52-week low on Tuesday, may head off a threatened bankruptcy.... Read more»

Debt legislation brings no comfort to Wall Street

There was finally a debt vote, and the president signed legislation to raise the debt ceiling Tuesday, but it didn’t stop the U.S. stock market from sliding farther down, as yet another economic report revealed how weak the economy is. ... Read more»

Daily Star axes 52 in newsroom, marketing, advertising

Updated with names: In what one now-former employee called "a major bloodletting," the Arizona Daily Star has laid off 52 people, firing nearly its entire marketing department Thursday. As many as 15 newsroom employees and many from other departments were also let go.... Read more»12