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John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Downtown expenditures questioned

Developer Richard Studwell; Mohur Sarah Sidhwa, a Democratic candidates for state House from LD9; and Middle East expert Stephen Zunes. ... Read more»

Activist Dolores Huerta to receive Medal of Freedom

Civil rights activist and United Farm Workers of America co-founder Dolores Huerta will receive the nation's highest civilian honor when she is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this spring.... Read more»1

U.S. war game reveals dangers of Israeli strike on Iran

A U.S. war game showed that an Israeli strike against Iran and retaliation from Iran could pull the United States into the conflict and leave hundreds of Americans dead.... Read more»

Israel fears its own Giffords shooting

Israeli law enforcement officials, concerned about virulent divisions between left- and right-wing groups in the country, have warned that a political assassination could be imminent.... Read more»

Is Syria arming Hezbollah with Scuds?

Just over a month ago, Israeli President Shimon Peres created a new panic in the Middle East by asserting that Syria had sent Scud missiles to Lebanon's Hezbollah.... Read more»