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The gorgeous plurality of being human: Az Rep's 'Twelfth Night'

A beautifully mounted, intelligently directed, energetically acted production of "Twelfth Night," Shakespeare's beloved social and romantic comedy of mistaken identities and gender-bending, has opened for a three-week run at Arizona Repertory Theatre. Not as "goth" as it's billed, the show is nonetheless smart and vigorous.... Read more»

Win: Tickets to Orson Welles' 'Chimes at Midnight'

The film that legendary director Orson Welles considered his masterpiece has been carefully restored, and is reappearing on the big screen after being unavailable for decades. And you can win a pair of free tickets to see it this weekend — just comment to enter!... Read more»1

Comic: Politics

Point • Counterpoint: Candidates Jones and Melvin

Gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones made an unseemly rush to praise the woman she hopes will be her predecessor in The Big House... Read more»

Arizona Theatre Company & Beowulf Alley Theatre

'Lear' and 'God of Carnage' - worthy plays are complete opposites

Two plays open. One is a comedy; the other a tragedy. One features a big production company putting on a little play. The other is a little production company putting on a big play. If you have to pick one, which should you see?... Read more»

Comic: China

China and the Dalai Lama

Ever wonder why China is so pissed at the Dalai Lama? Why they've held a grudge for 52 years? In a recent visit to the White House, the D.L. revealed all.... Read more»

Invisible Theatre

Faux Bard of 'Premier!' tickles

In this Invisible Theatre production production, comedic playwright Gil Fryman yearns to be taken more seriously. Is forging Shakespeare serious enough? ... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Life's but a walking shadow

Why feel the need to invest in an expensive mp3 player when you can pick up a talking, singing, footstep-measuring minstrel at most major retailers? And if you find one that speaks in an Elizabethan dialect, all the better!... Read more»