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FactChecking Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin told her fellow conservatives at CPAC that “there are more uninsured today than when Obama began all of this,” referring to the Affordable Care Act. But there is no evidence of that.... Read more»

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He's short, but is he crazy? A brief psychoanalysis of Vladimir Putin

From Jon Stewart, to Sarah Palin to Brookings, inquiring minds want to know what’s in the head of Russia’s president.... Read more»


15 reasons the world is digging Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church and the big boss of Vatican City. There are plenty of reasons that might get your hackles up. But — so far, at least — Pope Francis seems pretty hip. Either that’s the truth, or he has the world’s greatest public relations firm on his side. Maybe both?... Read more»

Dems: RNC's Bruce Ash uses racial slur in Obama comment

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Tucson businessman Bruce Ash, used what opponents called out as a racial slur Thursday. In a Facebook post about President Obama, Ash said the president is “shucking and jiving” about health care reform.... Read more»1


Scary Medicare claims

A new TV ad in Florida harkens back to the notorious “death panel” falsehood. It wrongly claims Medicare benefits could be “rationed” and seniors denied treatment by the new health care law. In fact, the law specifically forbids rationing or restriction of benefits.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Head-scratching the Paul Ryan pick

All of official Washington is scratching a collective head about why Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Why did he make such a bad pick for VP?... Read more»1


Palin's 'death panel' rhetoric torpedoed Medicare savings

We’ll be hearing a lot from politicians this summer and fall about the urgency of dealing with Medicare spending. If we’re fortunate, some courageous candidates will call for renewed debate on a provision of the health care reform bill that had once enjoyed bipartisan support.... Read more»

Obama's Top 10 one-liners from correspondents' dinner

No man, woman or dog was safe from barbs at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington.... Read more»


As presidential candidate, Perry no Bush or Clinton

In the array of governors who turned to national politics — a collection that includes four of the last six presidents and a horde of contestants who didn’t make it — Rick Perry looks a lot more like Sarah Palin than like George W. Bush. And not just in his politics.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The evolution of Republican campaign thought

Who’s it gonna be, GOP? Someone who lives and breathes “conservative values”? Or someone electable?... Read more»

Sarah Palin won't run for president

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday that she will not run for president. The announcement follows Tuesday’s word from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that he won’t be jumping into the race, leaving little doubt that Republicans will nominate someone already running.... Read more»2

Perry used jet of donor facing SEC inquiry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his family have reportedly flown to campaign events on the private jet of a wealthy businessman under investigation for possible securities fraud.... Read more»

For rent: Bristol Palin's home in Maricopa

The home Bristol Palin purchased last year in the Phoenix suburb of Maricopa is listed for rent. $1,400 will get you a pad in Pinal County’s Cobblestone Farms development, west of Interstate 10 between Casa Grande and Chandler.... Read more»

Factcheck: Palin’s twist on Paul Revere

Sarah Palin’s much-ridiculed story of Paul Revere isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s badly twisted. Revere didn’t ring bells or fire shots, and he was riding to warn two fellow rebels that the British were coming to arrest them —  not to warn the British “that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms.”... Read more»6

Palin: No Arizona Senate run

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin won’t make a run for the Senate from Arizona, she told a Phoenix television station on Friday. (with video)... Read more»1

Think again

Fox News: Crazy like... Ailes?

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a spate of reporting focusing on Fox CEO Roger Ailes that demonstrates just how deeply the contempt for traditional journalism runs in the organization, and how profoundly political its mission truly is.... Read more»

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