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U.S. releases 'Remain in Mexico' refugee after judge grants asylum

More than 24 hours after he became the first person granted refugee status under the “Migrant Protection Protocols” policy requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their immigration claims are pending, a man was released to a sponsor in San Diego Wednesday after his attorney called for his release.... Read more»

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American man killed in CBP shootout at San Diego border crossing

A 23-year-old U.S. citizen was shot and killed by Customs and Border Protection officers while attempting to enter from Mexico and refusing to stop for an inspection, officials said.... Read more»

On border, volunteer doctors struggle to provide stopgap care to immigrants

As recent arrivals are released from immigration detention with severe medical problems ranging from diarrhea to gaping wounds, a makeshift health system of volunteers is overwhelmed. The work is taking a financial and emotional toll. ... Read more»

FactCheck: Trump's claims about border wall fall flat

President Trump repeated false claims during while discussing the border wall to be built with Mexican money that was a signature campaign promise.... Read more»

Tear gas fired at migrants at San Diego border crossing

The San Ysidro Port of Entry is one of the busiest border crossings in the world — especially so on the Sunday after a holiday weekend. But U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials shut it down in both directions Sunday after a group of migrants rushed toward the border. ... Read more»


First 'zero tolerance' case to go to trial didn't go well for gov't

Since the surge of illegal entry misdemeanor cases began flooding federal courts, hardly any have gone to trial. The first in San Diego that did was ultimately dismissed. Before prosecutors moved to toss the case, tapes revealed the defendant was detained without being briefed on his rights for much longer than a Border Patrol agent had testified.... Read more»

At one border crossing, Mexico requiring U.S. citizens to show passports

At the Puerta Este border crossing south of San Diego, U.S. citizens and other foreigners walking into Mexico must now show their passports. “I do business in Baja California, and I do business here in California, so I cross the border every day,” said Alex Casian, one of the border residents who worry the requirement will create a backlog on the border — this time for those heading into Mexico.... Read more»1

Report: Phoenix ranks high among solar cities

Phoenix ranks No. 6 among a group of large U.S. cities in an environmental group's accounting of per-capita photovoltaic capacity. For total capacity, Phoenix ranks behind only Los Angeles and San Diego. ... Read more»

150 immigration activists demonstrate at San Diego crossing

Nearly 150 people attempted to cross the port of entry near San Diego as part of protest against U.S. immigration policy on Monday.... Read more»

High-tech drug tunnel bust unlikely to dissuade smugglers

Despite the discovery of a sophisticated border tunnel near Yuma a month ago, officials said the Sinaloa drug cartel may turn to tunnels even more often now to avoid detection as surface border security tightens.... Read more»1

Officials: High-tech border tunnels take money, time and engineering

Drug tunnels are not a new problem on the border, but authorities say the number of sophisticated tunnels may be. Since November 2010, authorities have seized four tunnels into San Diego, and in July, the DEA found a 240-yard tunnel near Yuma.... Read more»

Report: Cunningham sexually harassed city workers

City Councilman Paul Cunningham's behavior toward a trio to female city employees while on a May junket was sexual harassment, said a city report. Cunningham admitted "acting unprofessionally and making inappropriate comments" in a statement. (with full report)... Read more»1

Cunningham acknowledges 'drinking problem' exclusive: Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham, embroiled in a controversy over sexual comments allegedly made while on an official trip, said Thursday that he has sought help for a drinking problem. (updated)... Read more»1

City officials to investigate Cunningham comments

City Attorney Mike Rankin has asked the city Equal Opportunity Office to investigate an incident two weeks ago in which Councilman Paul Cunningham allegedly made sexual remarks to female city staffers.... Read more»

Cunningham resignation suggested after alleged sexual comments

Sexual comments allegedly made by Councilman Paul Cunningham while on a junket in San Diego two weeks ago have sparked at least one colleague to suggest he consider resigning. City officials said no complaint has been filed, but Councilwoman Karin Uhlich said he should think about stepping down.... Read more»3

Lesbian student crowned homecoming king

Students at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, Calif., chose two girls to be their homecoming king and queen Friday.... Read more»

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