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Douglas recall campaign faces critics, sheer numbers

If volunteers succeed in getting 366,128 signatures by Dec. 30, there will be a statewide recall election in which other candidates can take on state schools chief Diane Douglas. While many petition drives use paid petition circulators, the grass-roots effort is relying on volunteers.... Read more»

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First fallout approaches for Az’s Real ID refusal

Arizona lawmakers told the federal government in 2008 that the state would not cooperate in the Real ID Act, a post-9/11 law that aimed to make it harder for potential terrorists to get fake IDs. The first fallout from the decision could begin soon, with Arizonans not allowed into restricted federal facilities, and possibly not allowed to board airplanes beginning in 2016.... Read more»

Feds delay busing migrant kids to Oracle; rival groups demonstrate

Passions ran hot among two groups demonstrating near a new shelter for undocumented children in this small Arizona town, with both gearing up to display their fervor as the first buses of migrant kids were expected to arrive. Around noon, officials said that the children would not be driven to the shelter Tuesday.... Read more»3


Hart: Tea Party is anything but business' cup of tea

At the national level, the country seems to have averted an economic cataclysm – for now. Politicians and pundits are busy dissecting the course of the drama that cost the U.S. economy an estimated $24 billion, and only ended with the Republican Party's acceptance of a deal with President Obama. But to truly understand the Republican Party's last-minute conversion to, um, moderation, one need only look to Arizona. ... Read more»

Prop. 114 would bar felons’ lawsuits against victims

Supporters of Proposition 114 argue that people who commit a felony cannot sue the victims involved. The measure would amend Arizona's Constitution, which currently bars laws limiting the right to sue for death or injury. Opponents of the proposition expect it to pass in November. ... Read more»

Predictable primary: Few shakeups in party races

Most Southern Arizona races shaped up as expected in Tuesday's primary election. Ron Barber will face Martha McSally in the general election, and Raul Grijavla will defend his seat against Gabby Mercer—who said reports of her remarks about Middle Easterners are "race baiting."... Read more»11

The Sandbox

Sandbox: Which primaries are worth paying attention to?

Democratic activist Ted Prezelski and Republican consultant Sam Stone rate the best and worst local primary campaigns in the initial installment of The Sandbox.... Read more»14

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: 'Top 2' primary initiative in peril

An interview with Mohur Sarah Sidhwa, a Democrat running for state House in LD9, plus editor Dylan Smith and Arizona Capitol Times editor Jim Small break down the news.... Read more»

Flurry of photo ID laws tied to conservative group ALEC

More than half of the state bills proposing photo IDs came from members or conference attendees of the conservative, pro-business American Legislative Exchange Council, a News21 analysis finds.... Read more»

Arizona and feds clash over voter registration

A recent court ruling could confuse state voters: If they register to vote using a federal form, they don't have to show proof of citizenship, but if they register using a state form, they do.... Read more»3

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Russell Pearce rejected

Gov. Brewer comments on Obam's new immigration policy; a Russell Pearce fundraiser was booted from 3 venues; plus, Rio Nuevo, a one-cent sales tax for education, and possible city bonds for roads.... Read more»

ALEC anti-union push includes Az think tank

The Goldwater Institute and the Michigan-based Mackinac Center between them successfully shepherded five model bills through ALEC’s Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task force — all targeting public sector unions — at ALEC Task Force Summit.... Read more»

Az’s feud with feds the real McCoy

Many states feud with the federal government. But Arizona has become something of a poster child of late.... Read more»

Justices appear skeptical of SB 1070 challenge

Supporters of Arizona’s SB 1070 were buoyed Wednesday after a U.S. Supreme Court hearing in which most justices appeared skeptical of the federal challenge to central parts of the immigration law.... Read more»

Arizona v. United States

Lawmakers spar on eve of SB 1070 hearing

Former state Sen. Russell Pearce defended his SB 1070 immigration law before a highly partisan Senate subcommittee Tuesday on the eve of a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the law.... Read more»

Az Dems: Romney, like Pearce, is immigration 'extremist'

Democrats seized on former state Sen. Russell Pearce’s recent claim that he and Mitt Romney have “identical” views on immigration to try to paint the GOP presidential hopeful as an “extremist” on immigration reform.... Read more»5

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