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'Pro-troop' charity misleads donors, gives money to Tea Party

Move America Forward has collected millions to send care packages to U.S. troops. But its assets have been used to benefit political consulting firms and PACs, and its appeals often rely on images and stories borrowed without permission.... Read more»

Libertarians declare 'mission accomplished' in Virginia — after super PAC help

Two days after Virginia voters narrowly elected Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict declared "mission accomplished."... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Something died on Election Day

What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Democracy lost: Unraveling Limbaugh from his boycott

In today's America your most powerful vote is in your purse or back pocket.... Read more»

Poll: Limbaugh should be fired over 'slut' remark

More than half of Americans think Rush Limbaugh should be fired for attacking a female law student and calling her a slut, according to a new Bloomberg poll.... Read more»1


Women of the world, unite!

Lessons from the third annual Women in the World Summit.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Sluts & politicians

Carl von Clausewitz said, "War is the continuation of politics by other means." If he were alive today, he might note that very often, politics is the continuation of sluttiness by other means.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Shattering the class warfare taboo

A new poll from Pew Research Center confirms that Americans are thinking a lot about class disparity. And now that they are talking, it turns out that most Americans think the deck is stacked in favor of the rich.... Read more»1

Limbaugh: Obama's targeting Christians in Uganda

Rush Limbaugh, the American radio talk show host, said President Barack Obama is "targeting Christians" by sending troops to Uganda to fight the Lord's Resistance Army.... Read more»

Fox News' historic mistake

Here's a large statement with scanty evidence, yet one I believe nonetheless: 21st century media historians will record that the decline of Fox News Channel as a dominant force in right-wing politics began on May 16, 2011.... Read more»3

Think again

The folly of the Time 100

The Time 100 is the opposite of journalism. It is a series of pre-packaged lies and public relations exercises that, in many cases, are unlikely even to be authored by the people claiming the bylines.... Read more»


Liberate National Public Radio!

Having migrated from the world of mainstream media to one of progressive policy study, it might come as something of a shock to learn that I agree with right-wing attacks on federal support for National Public Radio.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Should liberals fear Kevin McCullough?

At CPAC, Kevin McCullough laid out a point-by-point plan aimed at altering the balance between conservatives and liberals. His idea sounded like it could lead to permanent conservative rule. No kidding.... Read more»

Ribbons at State of the Union honor Tucson shooting victims

Members of Congress have been asked to wear black and white Homicide Survivors lapel ribbons at Tuesday's State of the Union address to honor the victims of the Jan. 8 Tucson shootings. Radio talker Rush Limbaugh isn't joining in the bipartisan tribute.... Read more»1

Experts: Argue all you want, N.Y. mosque project on firm legal ground

For all the anger, political strategizing and stabs in the heart that the plans to build a Muslim community center near ground zero may have brought about, land-use and zoning experts say opponents of the project have very little legal basis on which to rest their argument.... Read more»


Salaam Alaikum, Mr. President

A recent poll shows that 18% of Americans believe Pres. Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009.... Read more»