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Ex-UA pres Shelton to focus on building world's largest telescope

The $1 billion Giant Magellan Telescope project in Chile, at 24.5 meters across, will be the world's largest telescope when it's completed in a decade. Heading up the development will be former UA President Robert Shelton. It "will help answer questions about our fundamental humanity, and why we're here on Earth."... Read more»

Shelton resigns from Fiesta Bowl, will run Tucson science foundation

Robert Shelton, a former UA president, resigned from the Fiesta Bowl and will return to Tucson to run the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The bowl announced the move in a press release Tuesday morning.... Read more»

University of Arizona

UA president candidate to speak at forum

The sole candidate to be the next UA president, Ann Weaver Hart, will speak at a public forum Monday afternoon, in the main public event of a two-day visit to the campus.... Read more»

University of Arizona

Regents tap Temple president to lead UA

The Arizona Board of Regents has selected Ann Weaver Hart, the president of Temple University, to lead the University of Arizona. Hart will replace Eugene Sander, who filled in as the UA's head after Robert Shelton stepped down a year ago.... Read more»

Regents ask for input on UA president search

The Arizona Board of Regents Presidential Search Committee will hold forums for members of the University of Arizona community to share ideas about qualities the next president should have.... Read more»

University of Arizona

Meredith Hay out as UA provost

Meredith Hay, the University of Arizona's sometimes controversial provost, has been bumped - some might say upstairs - to a position with the Board of Regents.... Read more»2

University of Arizona

Shelton resigning to take Fiesta Bowl job

After five years, University of Arizona President Robert Shelton will step down to become the head of the Fiesta Bowl, he announced Monday.... Read more»

Guest opinion

'Alone in a desert of strangers' - Thoughts on the Tucson shooting

It is striking that politicians and pundits have avoided discussing the relationship between the shooting and our sense of community—or, more accurately, between the shooting and our absence of community. By separating the rampage from its cultural context, we allow ourselves to dodge hard questions.... Read more»4

'Together We Thrive'

Event details: Obama to speak at Tucson memorial

President Barack Obama will speak Wednesday at a memorial event in remembrance of the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting, and in support of the victims’ families and friends. Here are the details on attending.... Read more»2

Immigration SB1070

UA's Shelton says immigration law 'sends wrong message' about Arizona

University of Arizona President Robert Shelton said in a memo Thursday that Arizona's new illegal immigration law "sends all the wrong messages about our state."... Read more»1

Immigration SB 1070

Shelton: Honor students avoiding UA because of immigration law

Honor students are staying away from the University of Arizona in the wake of the state's new immigration law, according to a memo from President Robert Shelton. ... Read more»

Education budget

Feds' student loan plan to boost Pell grants

New federal legislation that cuts “middle-man” private banks out of financial aid will save the federal government a projected $68 billion – much of which will be directed to shore up Pell grants for students. ... Read more»

University of Arizona

Furloughs for UA employees next year

University of Arizona president Robert Shelton issued a memo Wednesday ordering furloughs for employees making more than $40,000.... Read more»


Feds write $63 million check for Tucson streetcar

Tucson's modern streetcar project was awarded $63 million by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on Thursday. The federal grant is a slice of a $1.5 billion federal transportation program.... Read more»