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Border tear gas incident renews wall debate, but little change expected

Arizona Republicans on Monday backed President Donald Trump’s renewed demands for border wall funding after migrants were tear gassed as they tried to rush the border at San Ysidro, California, Sunday.... Read more»

McSally, Sinema to face off for Senate seat in November

The 2018 primary election to replace Sen. Jeff Flake is one of the biggest races in the state, with implications on the balance of power in Congress for the next two years. ... Read more»

Factchecking Clinton's bipartisan boast

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton said she did not know of “a single Republican who didn’t cosponsor one of the bills that I worked on.” ... Read more»

Think again

The nonexistent ‘center’ folds

Back in 1968, the Washington pundit Stewart Alsop published a book titled The Center about his metaphorical home as an allegedly unbiased insider. The center, according to Alsop, was “the Washington which a political journalist sees with his tunnel vision.” More than a place, it was a state of mind.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

JC Scott: McSally hits her stride

CD2 Republican candidate Martha McSally and Nancy Young Wright, a Democratic candidate for Pima County supervisor in District 1.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

JC Scott: McClusky & Knipe guest host

Shaun McClusky, a Republican who tried to run for mayor, and Luke Knipe, a blogger at PocoBravo.com and a Democratic activist, guest host.... Read more»

Fact check

Is ‘Big Oil’ backing Romney?

A pro-Obama TV ad says that "big oil" pledged $200 million to help Mitt Romney, making him the industry's "$200 million man." But that's a pretty slippery claim.... Read more»1

Storm in Tx over women's health care long brewing

Despite high emotions, strategic media campaigns and moral outrage, neither side in the debate over women's health care in Texas was blindsided by the fight.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pima County vs. state lawmakers in bonding fight

Today on Buckmaster - We kick off the show with a conversation with State Rep. Terri Proud, then folklorist James "Big Jim" Griffith, and Tucson Vice-Mayor Councilwoman Karin Uhlich.... Read more»


Veteran poverty by the numbers

Our veterans have a lot at stake this year in the debates over the deficit and budget cuts.... Read more»


PAC strains ‘abortion’ facts

An anti-abortion group is making the shocking claim that Mitt Romney "enforced a law which required Catholic hospitals to provide abortions." To call this a stretch is putting it mildly.... Read more»1

Feds want welfare cards banned from liquor stores, casinos

A federal proposal aims to take away from welfare recipients the opportunity of using Electronic Benefit Transfer cards in liquor stores, casinos or strip clubs by forcing states to prohibit their use in those businesses.... Read more»