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The future of religion around the world, in one chart

A new report by Pew Research shows us what religious affiliations will look like in 2050. ... Read more»

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With the Big Bang confirmed, what will become of Christianity?

The really big story of the past month ended up as a one-day media splash: the almost certain confirmation of the Big Bang, or inflation theory, of the creation of our universe. It barely made the front pages before slipping back into space.... Read more»1


Az, immigration, and LGBT rights: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Gov. Brewer’s veto of SB 1062 came after a nationwide public outcry over the measure — and after four of the state’s largest business groups sent her a letter that expressed their concern over the potential harm it could cause to employers, tourism, job creation, and the overall economy.... Read more»


Discrimination? Corporate loopholes? Hobby Lobby’s slippery slope

This term, the Supreme Court will rule on whether the religious beliefs of the owners of Hobby Lobby Stores, a for-profit, secular corporation, can be used as justification to deny the company’s employees the contraceptive health coverage they are entitled to under the Affordable Care Act. ... Read more»1


'What is religion for, anyway?'

Best-selling author Thomas Cahill reflects on Pope Francis and the astonishing change he brings to the Vatican.... Read more»


The religiously unaffiliated: Courting the ‘none’ vote

The rise of the "nones" poses challenges for many political strategists. Now a group of roughly 46 million people, they have become an important voting bloc that outnumbers both white mainline Christians and white evangelicals.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

New polls rock foundations of conservatism

Polls find we’re becoming a more tolerant nation. That’s bad news for conservatives.... Read more»


Santorum’s twisted take on JFK & religion

Rick Santorum misrepresented what John F. Kennedy said in 1960 about church-state separation.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Oh, God, another GOP debate

Mitt Romney says President Obama is an historic figure. And not in a good way.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates. Santorum may be the slightest, but all the remaining Republican contenders come up short. Even so, the anti-sex constituency is very, very small.... Read more»2

Smart v. Stupid

U.S. Constitution: Bishops don’t get a veto

While Catholic bishops try to steamroll the Constitution, Republicans gleefully follow behind.... Read more»13


The war on Christmas

A lover of Christmas says the real war over the holiday is not being fought over taxpayer dollars spent on carving scripture into courthouse walls, or the lawn in front of a city hall where a crèche used to be placed. How the holiday is being undermined by those who claim to protect it.... Read more»

Spotlight on Mormons as Flake, Cardon vie for Senate seat

It’s been known for months that Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Mesa, would seek the Senate seat being vacated by GOP Sen. Jon Kyl. But when Mesa businessman Wil Cardon announced Friday that he will also run for Kyl’s seat, Mormons suddenly had the two frontrunners in the race.... Read more»2

Comic: Michele Bachmann

Keep the faith, baby

Michele Bachmann has announced the endorsement of her presidential candidacy more than 100 Iowa pastors and faith leaders.... Read more»

Rev. Graham and the signs of Armageddon

On ABC's "This Week," the Rev. Franklin Graham was wrong when he said that earthquakes, wars and famines are occurring "with more frequency and more intensity."... Read more»

Advocates, officials: Education key to stopping child abuse

In 2006, Darla Gooden's world changed forever when her son revealed that he had been sexually abused by a youth leader from their church. "What happened to my family is not as rare as you choose to think," Gooden said.... Read more»

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