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Pima supes, Tucson City Council oppose border wall construction

The Tucson City Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved separate resolutions Tuesday opposing the construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Tucson declared a policy of divesting from companies that work on the border barrier. ... Read more»

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Sessions: Sanctuary cities ‘dangerously undermine’ fight against gangs

Attorney General Sessions repeated criticisms of sanctuary cities Tuesday, calling them a threat to U.S. safety that “dangerously undermine” efforts to stop transnational criminal gangs. But Tucson Councilwoman Karin Uhlich said, “Local law enforcement agencies need to be focused on community policing and keeping the community safe.” said ... Read more»

As Trump goes into office, Tucson protestors push for 'sanctuary city' declaration

Following the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday, around 200 people marked the occasion by marching to Tucson's City Hall, demanding the mayor and City Council declare Tucson a "sanctuary city," which includes issuing municipal IDs for unauthorized immigrants, refusing to work with immigration officials, and setting up a legal fund.... Read more»

Romero trips over Az law in email backing minimum-wage boost

City Councilwoman Regina Romero appears to have violated Arizona laws that prohibit using government resources for electioneering, as she called on recipients of her Council office email newsletter to vote "yes" on a ballot initiative that would increase the state minimum wage and mandate sick leave.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Cunningham: Rainwater harvesting incentives need to flow to low-income residents

Tucson Water offers a rebate program for customers who install rainwater harvesting systems, but these rebates have not been taken advantage of by many of our lower-income neighbors. 400 residents of the Foothills, who don't even live in the city, have taken advantage of the rebates. In Ward 5, which encompasses many of our city's more stressed neighborhoods, only 43 residents have used the rebates.... Read more»

Regina Romero takes job at Center for Bio Diversity

City Councilwoman Regina Romero has a new day job. The West Side Democrat will supplement her part-time city paycheck as the director of Latino engagement for the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity.... Read more»4

Tucson holding final meeting on proposed paid time off mandate

A proposed city regulation that would require all employers to provide paid time off to workers will be the topic of a meeting Thursday night — the last of three on the issue.... Read more»1

Judge nixes Republican case to overturn City Council election

A Superior Court judge ruled Monday against a request by a pair of Republican candidates who sought to be declared the winners of last month's Tucson election. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»

Court hears GOP suit to overturn City Council election

A Superior Court judge will rule within a week on a lawsuit by a pair of Republican candidates who are seeking to be declared the winners of last month's Tucson election. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»

City Council appeals 9th Circuit election ruling

The City Council voted Tuesday to appeal last week's ruling of a 9th Circuit panel that found Tucson's election system unconstitutional. The Council also discussed moving ahead with putting changes to elections on the ballot for voter approval.... Read more»

Republicans sue to be declared Council winners

Even though they lost the city-wide vote, two of the three GOP candidates for City Council are asking a judge to declare them the winners, based on a 9th Circuit ruling that Tucson's elections are unconstitutional. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»1

GOP Council candidates won East Side, still lost in landslides

In a reversal of the last Tucson City Council election, two of the Republican candidates led the vote in the wards they sought to represent but lost the overall city vote, a TucsonSentinel.com analysis showed. Incumbents Shirley Scott and Paul Cunningham trailed in the count in their East Side wards, but still won in overall landslides.... Read more»3

What the Devil won't tell you

Message to GOP: Play the game before you claim you are victims of it

I can already hear it: City-wide elections are bad for democracy. Conservative East Side voters are the victims of Jim Crow laws. Republicans in Tucson are disenfranchised. Tucson only votes party line. Voters only look at the party and the GOP has no hope. I say to those voices: Bite me. ... Read more»9

Democrats re-elected to Tucson Council, county bonds fail

The Democratic incumbents on the Tucson City Council easily swept their Republican challengers, while the Pima County bond questions lost by large margins. A proposition to ban red-light and speed enforcement cameras in Tucson passed easily, as did propositions to change the City Charter.... Read more»3

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