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GOP hits turbulence with FAA claim

A number of Republicans are using misleading numbers when they say the Federal Aviation Administration should cut consultants and travel before resorting to furloughs that are causing airport delays.... Read more»

City breaks ground on Modern Streetcar

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild helped break ground on the Tucson Modern Streetcar on Thursday.... Read more»2


While assailing driving distractions, automakers pack in tempting gadgets

Even as they tell drivers to act responsibly and pay attention to the road, automakers are seeking to pump up sales by packing their new models with cutting-edge infotainment systems that encourage multi-tasking behind the wheel.... Read more»

Congress agrees to deal to end FAA impasse

After a 13-day partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, Congressional leaders came to an agreement that will end the impasse over a temporary funding bill and keep the agency running through Sept. 16. ... Read more»

U.S. to allow cross-border trucking, Mexico to lift tariffs

Mexican trucks subject to strict new safety measures will begin to move on U.S. highways, and Mexico will begin to lift tariffs on U.S. goods entering that country under an agreement signed Wednesday in Mexico City.... Read more»1

FAA to add air traffic controller to Tucson tower

The midnight shift at Tucson's air traffic control tower won't be quite so lonely anymore. The FAA announced Wednesday that it will add an additional controller at Tucson International Airport and 26 others around the country.... Read more»

Think again

Collapsing infrastructure? Who knew?

Think again: It should surprise no one to see that most in the mainstream media saw fit to treat the issue of America's decaying infrastructure as an almost purely political skirmish—cast exclusively in the narrative over the election-year fight over jobs.... Read more»

When nature calls

Closed rest areas have Az drivers tied in knots

With nearly 75 percent of Arizona rest stops closed, travelers – and politicians – are asking for help.... Read more»


Feds write $63 million check for Tucson streetcar

Tucson's modern streetcar project was awarded $63 million by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on Thursday. The federal grant is a slice of a $1.5 billion federal transportation program.... Read more»

Light rail

Downtown streetcar to get $63 million from feds

Tucson's modern streetcar project will be awarded $63 million in federal stimulus money, say Reps. Gabrielle Giffords and Raúl Grijalva... Read more»

Downtown streetcar

Tucson could get federal streetcar help

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is expected to announce Thursday that Tucson will get federal funds to extend the city's streetcar line.... Read more»1