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Sorting murky issues on the POW swap

A lot of gray area surrounds the political rhetoric about the White House’s decision to swap Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban figures detained at Guantanamo.... Read more»

Army chaplain helps military families affected by suicide

In the midst of sleep during a 2012 deployment to Kuwait, Army Chaplain (Capt.) Doug Windley was awoken by a call from the Red Cross informing him that the brother of one of his soldiers had been murdered back home. Windley, of the North Carolina National Guard, left his tent at 3 a.m. to wake the soldier, one of many times in the chaplain’s career that he was called upon to deliver grim news.... Read more»

U.S. scrambles to get Afghanistan talks back on track

The United States is scrambling to get planned talks with Afghanistan back on track, after denying reports that it agreed to meet with the Taliban. ... Read more»

U.S. intel used in rebel advance on Tripoli, report says

The rapid advance of Libyan rebels into Tripoli was the result of a strategy formulated with the help of British, French and Qatari special forces, and with intelligence provided by the Obama administration, NATO and U.S. military and intelligence officials have reportedly said.... Read more»

Dorothy Parvaz, UA journalism grad held in Iran, freed

Journalist Dorothy Parvaz, who had been held in Iran after being detained in Syria, was freed and flew to Qatar on Wednesday. She was held for 19 days after entering Syria to report on the unrest in that country. (with video)... Read more»3

Lawsuit vs. Qatar diplomat in U.S. alleges human trafficking

The apparent lack of action against alleged human rights abuses by diplomats calls into question recent claims by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the U.S. doesn’t tolerate rights abuses by visiting officials.... Read more»