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Comic: North Korea

Pyongyang, we have a problem

North Korea's attempt to launch a satellite (and test its long-range missile delivery capability) failed miserably Thursday when the rocket exploded not long after launch.... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

Best laid schemes...

Dear Leader Kim Jong-il is dead. Or is he?... Read more»

Kim Jong Il dead, N. Korean state media says

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is dead, according to state television from Pyongyang. There are currently no independent reports confirming his death.... Read more»2

N. Korea, U.S. to hold nuclear talks

Stalled six-nation talks to discuss North Korea’s nuclear disarmament will reportedly resume next week in Geneva, according to a South Korean news report.... Read more»

Information warfare: Best tactic against North Korea

Analysis: Could the secret to bringing down Pyongyang be as simple as spinning the radio dial?... Read more»

North Korea: Grumblings of dissent

These days quite a few North Koreans manage to summon the guts to express open contempt for the authorities, whom they increasingly despise as little better than bribe-extorting hindrances to daily life. How likely is a broad political counter-revolution?... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

Pissed off in Pyongyang

"I don't get no respect!" That's what North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il must be feeling after having been bumped as world's Number One villain by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

The Secretary of State recommends...

President Lee Myung-bak works to figure out an appropriate response to Tuesday's attack on Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea.... Read more»

Analysis: North Korea's well-rehearsed performance

A day after North Korea unleashed a deadly artillery barrage against South Korea, the region is again playing the parlor game of crafting a response to the regime’s idiosyncratic brand of brinksmanship. ... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

On Wednesday, North Korea launched the first direct artillery attack on South Korean territory since the Korean War ended in an armistice in 1953.... Read more»

Comic: Dictatorship

Lil' Kim World Tour: Pyongyang

On Oct. 10, Kim Jong-un, expected to succeed his father Kim Jong-il as North Korea's head of state, attended the ruling Workers' Party's 65th anniversary celebration.... Read more»

North Korea watch: U.S.-South Korea military exercises begin

All eyes are on Pyongyang as the U.S. and South Korea have launched a military exercise in a demonstration of firepower designed to tame North Korean saber-rattling four months after the regime torpedoed a South Korean navy ship.... Read more»

Analysis: 5 things you need to know about Kim Jong Il's brain

Defectors say that South Koreans’ fear of another Korean War is considerably greater than that of North Koreans, who have much less to lose.... Read more»

Comic: International diplomacy

Pyongyang Party Boyz

A former President with an eye for the ladies. A rogue state dictator known for Bacchanalian self-indulgence. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

Kim Jong-il is 'pissed off'

Do trade sanctions work against rogue regimes? Many experts say no, but new evidence out of North Korea appears to support their use.... Read more»