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Weekend music

The lonesome country blues of Hank Topless

Hank Topless sings "hard country blues" with a touch of Merle, a snarl of Jerry Lee, a dash of Leon Russell and a little bit of punk rock give-no-fucks abandon. Meanwhile, Tucson seems to be "singing the blues" this week, with several live blues-tinged gigs coming up, and some good, solid Old Pueblo psych and indie rock news. It's your weekend music update!... Read more»

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Weekend music

They’ve got the hots for Charlie Watts: Hanging with the Exbats

An interview with bubblegum sweet and streetwise punk duo the Exbats, plus Lenguas Largas, remembering Bob Spasm and more in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music round up.... Read more»


Blizzard antidote: 'We Got Cactus'

Here's today's earworm: While the East Coast is prepped for a hazardous major snowstorm, Tucson's seeing another sunny winter day. It might not be received favorably, but we're tempted to taunt friends and family dealing with the cold with this Al Perry country cover of a Tucson punk classic: "We Got Cactus."... Read more»

Tucson music: Let's get into trouble

While Tucson's music landscape is as rich, vast and rife with possibility as the city itself, fans of local acts — the best of which stand up to any act in any locale you care to name — have seen coverage of it shrinking at an alarming rate recently. With this new column, TucsonSentinel.com is your solid source for serious coverage of our weird and wonderful homegrown monster of a music scene. ... Read more»

Jig it up: St. Patrick's Day playlist

Whether it's the lilting strains of a classic folk song or the pounding of three-chord punk rock — or the omnipresent U2 — the music of the small island of Ireland has influenced artists throughout the world. So raise a glass of Guinness, tap your toe or even get up and dance a bit as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with song.... Read more»1

New Pussy Riot video slams Putin, Russia's oil industry

Members of the Russian punk performance group Pussy Riot released a video Tuesday criticizing President Vladimir Putin's ties to the country's oil industry. It is the group's first video in almost a year. The music video, called "Like a Red Prison," shows four members of the group in their signature, brightly-colored "balaclava" masks and tight dresses, taking a sledge hammer to a pipeline and pouring oil on what appears to be a picture of Igor Sechin.... Read more»

8 awesome Chinese punk bands that prefer a black flag over a red one

Chinese punk rock is a lot like Chinese street food — rough, honest, loud and maybe even less healthy. The raucous cacophony erupted out of the country's most famous modern protests. During the 1989 Tiananmen democracy revolt, Cui Jian, the godfather of Chinese punk rock, taught a generation how to revel in rebellion. Today alternative culture in the People's Republic has become so potent that Vice Magazine has even opened up a branch in Beijing to cover it.... Read more»

Pussy Riot: Punking Putin

For all the august legacies of the Ramones, The Clash and even the Sex Pistols, they plied their trade in countries where they weren't likely to do time for criticizing the government. Pussy Riot is inspiring and astoundingly great because they're extending the tradition into a context that matters. (with video)... Read more»

Is European EMI breakup a death-knell for indie music?

The EU is moving closer to major record-label dominance, which might be good for big business, but it's bad for fans, artists and the industry as a whole, critics say.... Read more»

Punk rock legends heading to Congress

"Whatever happened to the heroes?" If you're talking punk rock, they'll be in Tucson. Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, ex-Stranglers singer Hugh Cornwell and Blondie drummer Clem Burke have elected to make a Friday night stop at Club Congress.... Read more»


Mike Davis, punk rock pioneer, dead at 68

Mike Davis, who helped pioneer punk rock with Detroit's legendary the MC5, and later played with Tucson's Rich Hopkins and Luminarios, died Friday of liver failure. He was 68.... Read more»

From punk rock to techno, alternative music surges in Mexico

Alternative Latin music is making new strides into the U.S., with Mexican bands packing venues from coast to coast. The strength of alternative Mexican music on both sides of the Rio Grande attests to sweeping changes in the two nations in the last decade.... Read more»

17 years after, a look (and listen) at Kurt Cobain

It's been 17 years since Nirvana singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain took his own life, and nearly 20 since the band stormed their way up the charts with their second album, "Nevermind."... Read more»

London Underground: Ring the bloody Sex Pistols

Amid government budget cuts, Brits are mum while the French rage. What gives?... Read more»

Music preview

The Shondes bring collectivist queercore to Plush on Thursday

In Yiddish, a "shonde" is a harm, a shame, a disgrace. In indie rock, The Shondes are a queer folk/punk quartet from Brooklyn, and their second full-length effort, "My Dear One," is nothing to be ashamed of. ... Read more»

Sex Pistols manager

Music impresario Malcolm McLaren dead at 64

Malcolm McLaren, the man behind punk legends the Sex Pistols, died Thursday in New York City.... Read more»

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