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What the Devil won't tell you

No one safe from our Devilish year-end major awards

I'm going to cop to the charge that I'm pandering to my base journalistic instincts and hand out awards for dubious distinction to local leaders and yours truly.... Read more»2


The impact of the sequester on communities across America

In just one week our nation faces yet another manufactured fiscal crisis. This time a refusal to compromise by conservative leaders in Congress would lead to massive, damaging across-the-board spending cuts on March 1, potentially dragging the economy back into recession and hurting American families by slashing critical investments in job training, public health, and public safety.... Read more»

Bill would make communities justify photo radar on highways

Cities that have installed or wish to install photo radar systems along state highways would have to provide statistics on speeders and accidents if a lawmaker has her way.... Read more»

Pinal County changing the way it handles 911 hangups

Misdialed or mistaken 911 hang-up calls from cell phones will no longer be followed up by Pinal County sheriff's deputies in a move to save on fuel costs... Read more»

Firefighters tout bill to hire first responders

A plan before Congress to help communities add first responders would improve response times to 911 calls and make Arizonans safer, the leader of a firefighters union said Wednesday.... Read more»