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Arizona Students Association

Student advocacy group faces funding loss over political donation

Students in Arizona’s public universities have paid a fee every year since 1998 directed to an organization aimed at giving a student voice to higher education causes. Now the Arizona Students Association faces losing much of that funding over a decision to contribute $122,000 last year to the campaign supporting Proposition 204.... Read more»

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Az Supreme Court explains decision to keep Prop. 204 on ballot

Weeks after voters rejected Proposition 204, the Arizona Supreme Court issued an opinion Wednesday affirming its decision that allowed the measure to stay on the November ballot despite objections from Secretary of State Ken Bennett.... Read more»

With Prop 204 defeated, what's our Plan B for education?

Given the defeat of Proposition 204, how do we propose to address the needs of a system that routinely produces far too many dropouts and underachieving graduates? How can we continue to ignore the yawning academic achievement gap between non-Hispanic Whites and Latinos? ... Read more»

Prop 204′s defeat puts focus of education funding on upcoming legislative session

Now that voters rejected Proposition 204, the task of funding education when a temporary sales tax expires in May will remain with the state Legislature.... Read more»

Proposition 204

Education sales tax measure doesn't get passing grade

Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot proposition to establish a permanent 1 cent-per-dollar sales tax earmarked for schools, transportation projects and human services. Unofficial returns showed Proposition 204 trailing by a wide margin.... Read more»1

Watchdog: Az nonprofit laundered campaign money in Calif.

An obscure Arizona nonprofit that has contributed $1.5 million to campaigns opposing two Arizona ballot measures revealed Monday under court order that $11 million it contributed to California ballot measure campaigns passed through two other nonprofits. A California official said that this qualifies as money laundering and violates state law.... Read more»

Obscure group’s donations include campaign against Dem lawmaker

Americans for Responsible Leadership, a Phoenix-based nonprofit, continues to pour money into the opposition against Proposition 121 and Proposition 204 and added to its activities by funding a mailing this week opposing a Democrat for state House.... Read more»

Proposition 204

Pro-204 leader slams anonymous donations against effort

An obscure nonprofit that gave another $175,000 this week to the campaign against Proposition 204 is using anonymous contributors to manipulate voters, the head of a group supporting the education sales tax measure said.... Read more»1


Proposition 204, Mars and men

They say men are from Mars. That also might be true for policy analysts – especially when trying to discuss intelligently the vagaries of Proposition 204.... Read more»

Interest group donations give late boost to Prop. 204 campaigns

Education unions and a group representing contractors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars this month to a campaign supporting Proposition 204, while a donation from a group representing automobile dealers is helping fuel the opposing campaign, records show.... Read more»2

Prop. 204 backers claim dire consequences if measure fails

Kathy Knecht, a governing board member in the Peoria Unified School District said counseling, says specialized reading and gifted student programs may be on the chopping block if voters don’t approve Proposition 204.... Read more»

Props 121, 204

Obscure group making big contributions vs. 2 ballot propositions

An obscure political group based in the Valley - Americans for Responsible Leadership - has spent nearly a million dollars against Propositions 121, which would replace Arizona's party primary elections, and 204, that would continue a one-cent sales tax for education.... Read more»1

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Supes candidate Nancy Young Wright

An interview with Nancy Young Wright, the Democratic candidate for Pima County supervisor in District 1, plus financial advisor Shelly Fishman, and a political update from Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Debate on Prop. 204 education sales tax

Doug Ducey and Ann-Eve Pedersen debate Proposition 204, the Quality Education and Jobs measure. Also, Gale Morgan discusses downsizing your home in retirement.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Romney wins decision, 'no knockout'

Paul Eckerstrom, former Pima Democratic Party chairman, plus TUSD Board Member Mark Stegeman.... Read more»

Report: Az tax revenues to rise 5 percent

A recent report predicts Arizona will see a 5 percent increase in tax revenues in 2013. Local experts foresee an even higher number, but not all are convinced the new revenue will fix the state's recession-impacted budget.... Read more»1

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