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The best reporting on mental illness in prisons

We’ve rounded up some of the best deep-dive reporting on the mentally ill in U.S. prisons.... Read more»

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A prolonged stay: The reasons behind the slow pace of executions

States that impose the death penalty have been facing a crisis in recent years: They are short on the drugs used in executions.... Read more»

Mexican prison break attempt leaves 17 dead

Eleven prisoners and six wardens were killed in a shootout during an attempted prison break in the northern state of Durango.... Read more»

132 inmates escape Mexican border prison

132 inmates escaped from a prison in Northern Mexico through an underground tunnel Monday, officials said.... Read more»

Appeals court: Heat can violate prisoner rights

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this week ruled in a Texas case that extreme heat can violate prisoners' rights.... Read more»1

Az could tie execution record in 2012—pace likely to continue

When prison officials pronounced convicted killer Samuel Lopez dead from a lethal injection at 10:37 a.m. Wednesday, it was the fourth execution in Arizona in the first six months of 2012. At that pace, the state could be on track to match its record of seven executions in a single year.... Read more»

By the numbers: The U.S.'s growing for-profit detention industry

The detention business goes beyond just criminal prisoners; nearly half of all immigrant detainees are now held in privately run detention facilities. Here's a look at the billion-dollar and wide-ranging for-profit detention industry—and the two companies that dominate the market:... Read more»

Guest opinion

Hart: $1 billion for Az prisons, but what's our return?

Does the Arizona Department of Corrections actually correct? Is spending nearly $1 billion every year locking up 40,000 people a wise investment? If this is running state government "like a business," it might be time for a shareholder revolt.... Read more»

Texas prison radio show is inmates' link to the outside world

On Friday nights, in prison cells across parts of Texas, a window opens to the outside world — a radio show for inmates that links inmates to family, friends and the world outside.... Read more»

500 killed in Venezuelan jails in 2011

With inmates wielding machine guns, rifles and grenades and guards often unwilling to enter the overcrowded buildings for fear of their own death, jails in Venezuela have become a lawless territory that magnify the violence outside their walls.... Read more»

Prostitutes, pot and peacocks found in Mexican jail

In Mexico authorities say they found 19 prostitutes, two sacks of marijuana, two peacocks and 100 fighting cocks during a surprise inspection in a prison. ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Majority of Az inmates are repeat or violent offenders

We've got a newsmaker interview with Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall. Plus, the Sierra Club's Borderlands program, and writer Janne Irvine.... Read more»

New crack cocaine law will free nearly 2,000

Nearly 1,900 federal prisoners are estimated to be eligible for immediate release as new sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine were applied retroactively Tuesday.... Read more»

Clinton: Iran's jailing of Americans a 'disappointment'

Iran's decision to sentence two American hikers to eight years in prison for espionage and entering the country illegally has "deeply disappointed" the U.S., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday.... Read more»

Border Patrol's latest agents: Six wild mustangs

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents saddled up six former wild mustangs in Willcox on Friday. The mustangs will become part of the Border Patrol's horse unit that aids agents while patrolling remote and rugged terrain. (with videos)... Read more»2

Try to smuggle $1.1M to Mexico adds up to 2-year prison stint

A 49-year-old Mexican man was sentenced to two years in prison Friday for attempting to smuggle more than $1.1 million from the United States into Mexico.... Read more»

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