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'What is religion for, anyway?'

Best-selling author Thomas Cahill reflects on Pope Francis and the astonishing change he brings to the Vatican.... Read more»

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Pope Francis: A radical at heart?

Some in the region see a streak of liberation theology in Francis, who is in Brazil this week for World Youth Day. ... Read more»

Cardinals begin talks to decide next pope

Cardinals have begun meeting to decide who should be the next pope. Preliminary talks began in Vatican City today, ahead of the conclave at which the world's top Roman Catholic officials will elect Pope Benedict XVI's successor. ... Read more»


@pontifex: Papal propaganda

The Pope, as you may have heard, is tweeting.... Read more»

Mexico election campaigns kick off

The 2012 presidential election in Mexico promises to bring change, especially with the opposition PRI entering the race as the prohibitive favorite.... Read more»

Pope celebrates Mass, meets Castro in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass and met with Fidel Castro on Wednesday in Havana, Cuba.... Read more»

Pope visits Mexican town where abortion means prison

The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI is being celebrated by many in León, Mexico, but not by all.... Read more»

Pope denounces gay marriage in U.S.

Pope Benedict XVI on Friday denounced the "powerful political and cultural currents" seeking to legalize gay marriage in the United States.... Read more»

Mexico's San Judas packs churches with motley crowd

Once a month, an unconventional mix of churchgoers — devotees, drug addicts and thieves — convene in a church on the outskirts of Mexico City to praise the saint of lost causes.... Read more»

Vatican holds summit to fight sexual abuse by priests

Catholic leaders from around the world gathered in Rome on Monday for a Vatican summit on how the church could end sexual abuse of children by priests.... Read more»

Pope greeted by protests in Germany

Pope Benedict started his four-day visit to his homeland, Germany, on Thursday and was greeted by protesters angry over his views on sexuality and cases of child abuse by priests.... Read more»


Pope: Religion cannot justify terrorism

Pope Benedict XVI marked the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States with a message — nothing, not even religion, can justify acts of terrorism.... Read more»

Message from on high

Vatican urges people to take climate science seriously

The Vatican has just issued a report that declares, without qualification and with utmost urgency, that global climate change is occurring, that humans bear responsibility for it, and that it is our gravest moral imperative to reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible.... Read more»

Comic: Religion

Catholic celebrity

Is celibacy a sine qua non of priesthood? Pope Benedict thinks so. A couple of Belgian bishops disagree.... Read more»

Comic: Religion

'The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming!'

For reasons perhaps known only to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI is traveling in irreligious Great Britain this week. ... Read more»

Sexual abuse

Ireland greets pope's apology with skepticism

Pope Benedict XVI’s response to the clerical child abuse scandal in Ireland has been widely criticized as flawed for placing much of the blame for the abuse and cover-ups on secularism rather than church structures.... Read more»

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