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Weekend music

Sweet As Folk: Dulcet tones, acoustic alternatives & rock'n'roll brunches in Tucson's musical landscape

From rock'n'roll acoustic sets to Laurel Canyon acolytes to old-school folk rock, the best things in the Tucson music scene aren't always the loudest. Plus,a preview of some killer local shows and a bittersweet sign-off for much-loved Flycatcher, all in your TucsonSentinel.com music roundup.... Read more»

Bass legend Watt reunites fIREHOSE for Thursday Tucson gig

It's been nearly two decades since post-punk maestros fIREHOSE have played together, so fans of the band, bass wrangler Mike Watt, and the '80s legends the Minutemen might want to catch Thursday night's gig at Plush.... Read more»

Powhaus spotlights McQueen's dark materials

Feathers, furs, leathers, chains and spandex were just a few of the dark materials seen incorporated into the many Alexander McQueen imitation costumes worn downtown on Friday night.... Read more»

Powhaus dresses up Plush for 'Tulle'

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen is the focus of the latest production by Powhaus. Strut your stuff at Plush on Friday night as the group puts on a "a high fashion celebrity fantasy."... Read more»

Weekend preview: a sixpack to go

Here at the Sentinel, we would like to commemorate National Poetry Month's end by invoking Baudelaire's poetic imperative to "Get Drunk." Not that this necessitates the imbibing of potent potables; Baudelaire goes on to direct readers to intoxicate themselves "On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"... Read more»

Arts preview

Weekend preview: Easter weekend

Plan your three-day weekend with the Sentinel. In addition to the KXCI Festival en el Barrio Viejo and the 28th Tucson Poetry Festival, there is plenty to do in Tucson this weekend.... Read more»1

Weekend preview

Capital Vices: Seven deadly awesome weekend events

It would be a sin to miss this weekend's events in Tucson. Below find seven promising options.... Read more»1

Concert preview

Midlake brings moody 70s sound to Plush

On the heels of their recent release, "The Courage of Others," Denton quintet Midlake digs deeper into the dense territory of 2006's "The Trials of Van Occupanther." Midlake plays Plush on Monday with Matthew & the Arrogant Sea... Read more»1

Arts preview

Weekend entertainment forecast

Cloudy, with a shower of 90s: This weekend's best non-Warhol arts events. While most Tucsonans will be at either the rodeo or the host of Warhol events this weekend, the Sentinel offers you these alternatives. ... Read more»

Music profile

Bajo Turbato: Musician Chris Black debuts endeavor with Gabriel Sullivan

Self-proclaimed "Latin-gypsy party band" Bajo Turbato will open for one-man-band and curiosity That 1 Guy Thursday at Plush. The band is actually a duo: Chris Black, local singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, on violin, and Tucson mariachi/punk icon Gabriel Sullivan on bajo sexto.... Read more»2