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SB 1062: Let 'em eat burgers...

Local pizzaman Rocco DiGrazia has said "Just say no (pizza)" to the backers of Senate Bill 1062. "We reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators," reads a sign in the window of his Tucson restaurant.... Read more»

Comic: Iraq

The man who ended the war

A few minutes before 8 a.m., the last U.S. combat troops rolled out of Iraq and into Kuwait. Yes, there are thousands of Americans still in Iraq, but "the war" is over. We hope.... Read more»

Dry River Company: Confusing concept but great pizza

Dry River Company is still trying to figure out what it wants to be, and right now it's trying to be a lot of things. I can't tell you if they're a great coffee house, or a great bar, but I can tell you they make a fabulous pizza.... Read more»

Elsa's Eats

Zona 78: Best pizza in Tucson

Zona 78's menu reflects the inspired artistry and brilliance of both Chef/Owner Ramiro Scavo and Pastry Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph. Their stellar creations are lovingly made with great passion and detail. ... Read more»2