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What the Devil won't tell you

Look out afterworld, Emil Franzi is advancing right at you

It's all too easy to praise the dead, and Emil slipped the mortal coil having a bone to pick with the hereafter. I'm just going to appreciate the individual thing that was him. I can't vouch for all his deeds or the full depth of his character but I can vouch that he was one of the great characters in turn of the century Tucson.... Read more»1

To-Do List

Halloween madness in Tucson

As Halloween draws near, ghosts, goblins and ghouls come out to play this weekend... Read more»

Kids hope to launch paper planes into history

Children will have the chance to compete Saturday to see whose paper airplane will fly the farthest and stay aloft the longest in the hopes of gaining a spot on a team building a paper plane to challenge the Guinness World Record.... Read more»1