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Winds mean air quality advisory, red flag warning

High winds throughout Southern Arizona have led Pima County to issue an air quality advisory and the National Weather Service to put out a red flag warning Wednesday.... Read more»

Pima County issues air quality warning

High winds may mean trouble breathing for some, Pima County officials said Monday. 45-mph gusts and dry conditions prompted them to issue an air quality advisory. People "with heart disease and respiratory sensitivities may wish to reduce their exposure to outside air."... Read more»

Cold temperatures bring haze to desert

Early risers may have wondered why the sky appears hazy in the mornings now that temperatures are dropping. The effect is called temperature inversion.... Read more»

As the weather gets cooler, burn fireplaces safely

Although colder weather is tempting many Tucsonans to get toasty around their fireplace, Pima County warns the comforting source of warmth can hurt your health.... Read more»

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