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Arizona Muslims worry about backlash following Paris attacks

Imam Ahmad Shqeirat at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe and others who attend services there condemn the Paris terror attacks, but worry about a growing backlash.... Read more»


After Charlie Hebdo attack, reflecting on the war on journalism

The attacks in France highlight the need for everyone — including governments — to defend journalists' right to report.... Read more»

Inside Charlie Hebdo: Attack targeted paper that mocked fundamentalists

Charlie Hebdo's French satirists had refused to bow in face of terror threats. Islamist radicals were among the favorite targets of its biting, sometimes crude, satire — along with French politicians, religious leaders of all denominations and celebrities from Michael Jackson to anti-Semitic comic Dieudonee M'bala Mbala.... Read more»

DSK, wife return to Paris

Former International Monetary fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn and wife Anne Sinclair arrived back in Paris from New York on Sunday morning.... Read more»

Facebook privacy: Does the world care?

Most applaud Facebook for making recent privacy changes, though many feel it still has further to go to safeguard people’s privacy. But what about the reaction in other countries?... Read more»

French prostitutes oppose reopening brothels

A French lawmaker wants to reopen brothels, outlawed in France since 1946, in order to protect prostitutes from predatory pimps and exploitation. But the sex workers say no thanks.... Read more»