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Weekend music

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers find their voice

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers play diverse rock and roll that bridges styles - like a good mix tape that's more B-sides than A-sides. Plus, the return of the Monitors, Jillian and the Giants, and Laura and the Killed Men, Baby Gas Mask records gets a new home and new stuff from Katie Haverly in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Surf's up! Mission Creeps' deliciously dark ocean of sound

The Mission Creeps haunt the Tucson music scene with their deliciously dark brand of surf and punk-tinged rock and roll with a heavy dose of "voodoobilly." Catch them Friday night — and here's the rest of the weekend music lineup, including Miss Olivia and the Interlopers and Half-Broke Town.... Read more»