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Are nuclear plants vulnerable to terror attacks?

A new report underscores concerns that U.S. nuclear facilities could be tempting targets for attacks.... Read more»

On a Wyoming ranch, feds sacrifice tomorrow’s water to mine uranium today

Underground vast reservoirs hold billions of gallons of water suitable for drinking, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Yet every day injection wells pump more than 200,000 gallons of toxic and radioactive waste from uranium mining into local aquifers.... Read more»

Nuclear power plant flood risk: Sandy was just a warm-up

For all the damage it caused, Sandy was only a Category 1 hurricane — Hurricane Katrina, by comparison, was a Category 3. Given the challenges even Sandy brought to the Northeast’s nuclear power plants, which of these facilities are prepared to deal with the flood risks widely expected to increase as a result of global warming?... Read more»

Regulators open up about flawed policing of nuclear reactors

These are rocky days at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which finds itself under attack from the outside for decisions ranging from new reactor designs to safety issues that have languished for years. ... Read more»

Is America poised for epic nuclear disaster?

Despite growing concerns, the U,S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission hardly ever issues serious penalties for fires—a more predictable threat than earthquakes or tsunamis—at the nation's nuclear power plants, opting for voluntary compliance and slaps on the wrist. ... Read more»

Federal plan won’t end uranium mining near Grand Canyon

Historically high uranium prices and the promise of nuclear power to curb America’s reliance on fossil fuels have sparked new interest in mining near the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Questions raised about safety of new nuclear fuel plant

Two of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s safety reviewers for the South Carolina project say the NRC has taken shortcuts on safety to avoid delaying construction.... Read more»

U.S. nuclear regulator lets industry help write fine print

Records show that portions of Nuclear Regulatory Commission guides rely on material from the industry’s leading trade group, the Nuclear Energy Institute. The NRC says it maintains final say over its official guidance to plants, but critics say the NRC is handing too much influence to the industry.... Read more»

Can U.S. nuclear plants handle a natural disaster?

As engineers in Japan struggle to bring quake-damaged reactors under control, attention is turning to U.S. nuclear plants and their ability to withstand natural disasters. ... Read more»