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Texas sees renewed push for uranium mining

Uranium has been mined in Texas for decades, but companies see a potential hike in demand for their product.... Read more»

Regulators open up about flawed policing of nuclear reactors

These are rocky days at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which finds itself under attack from the outside for decisions ranging from new reactor designs to safety issues that have languished for years. ... Read more»

Training lacking at Palo Verde nuke plant

A Nuclear Regulatory Commission report said more employees at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station need regular training on the plant’s Severe Accident Mitigation Guidelines, and that training exercises are rare.... Read more»

U.S. nuclear regulator lets industry help write fine print

Records show that portions of Nuclear Regulatory Commission guides rely on material from the industry’s leading trade group, the Nuclear Energy Institute. The NRC says it maintains final say over its official guidance to plants, but critics say the NRC is handing too much influence to the industry.... Read more»